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Jae Hyung Cho Takes the College Billiards Open

Each year, College Billiardshas an Open Tournament that attracts the best players in the United States as well as the Champions from South America and Mexico. In effect, it is very much like the Pan American Championship Tournament because of the high caliber of players. This year was no different.

Chalk etiquette (but it has nothing to do with your tip)

By Bert van Manen

We all use chalk on our tip, to prevent a miscue. If we do miscue though, we do not blame the chalk. We blame the tip. We put on our  “œI hate this shaft ““ face” and take another one from our bag. This second shaft is not as good as the first one; we started the match with the other one for a reason. The substitution is merely to tell the audience that the miscue was not our fault. (It was).

Dan Kolacz Wins at the World Class Billiards Tour Event

Dave Van Lokeren 2nd Dan Kolacz 1st, Joe DeAmato 3

The 2010 USBA TOUR continued at World Class Billiards in Peabody, Massachusetts for an exciting “œB” level tournament. Twelve players entered so a round-robin format was used which gave everyone plenty of bang for their buck, eleven matches each in three days.

Mazin Shooni wins the First Stop of the 2010 TOUR!

The first stop of the USBA Tour was held in Hooksett, New Hampshire, at Cue & Cushion Billiard Lounge, owned by 2006 USBA Champion, Mazin Shooni. The guest of honor at the tournament was 3-time USBA Champion, Pedro Piedrabuena, owner of College Billiards in San Diego, California.

Shots with a Curving Cue ball

When a cue ball with topspin hits an object ball at an angle the carom path will be curved. Keep in mind that sidespin has practically no effect on the path of the cue ball off the object ball ““ it is topspin and backspin that introduce distortion. How far the cue ball travels from the object ball before its path begins to curve depends on how hard you hit it.

3-Cushion Billiard Tour Shot-Contest

Jeremy Marcello 1st place $200 (Center)
Paul Dodge 2nd place $100 (Right)
Mat Martin 3rd Place $50 (Left)

The Rack in Memphis, Ten held there 2nd Shot Contest with 10 pool players that signed in and willing to test their skills at the game of 3-Cushion Billiards. As the event date was set for Sunday at 1:00pm, on April 25th 2010, players had a full month to practice the shots. Entry Fee was $15, plus Jerry Ramey owner of The Rack also included in a free lunch for the players that were sponsor by locals Chuck and Claude for the barbecue, and Old Timers Restaurant.

Paul Frankel tournament director went over all the rules before the start of the “œShot Contest” and thanked all contestants for accepting the CHALLENGE and then went on to explain to the players the format.

3-Cushion Basic Position Play

Many if not most casual three-cushion players spend their lives without ever trying to leave themselves and easy shot. They think ahead in that they try not to leave the other guy anything.

US Billiard Qualifier in Houston Texas

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US Billiards Regional Qualifier on Jan 15 & 16.We started our tournament with 7 players round robin in the preliminary round and no one went undefeated. With 5 wins and 1 loss Juan Sauz come in 1St place. Three players tied with 4 wins and 2 loses with Jose Mario Juarez at 2nd with 97 total point, Lan Vo come in 3rd with 96 total point, Ellis Lawrence come in 4th with 92 total points. Vinh Trieu come in 5th, Kiet Nguyen come in

6th, and Loc than come in 7th.

Pendennis Club USBA 3-Cushion Regional Qualifier

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4 players going to the USBA Nationals

Jim Shovak, Max Fisher, Dan Kolacz, Brian Haff

Sunday, January 23rd
Dan Kolacz – Champion!!

The semi-final match play on Sunday, January 24 was poetry on green felt as the 10 final gladiators of 3 Cushion shifted gears into a focused high. 2 brackets of 5 players each produced 3 players from each for the final playoff matches. The top 4 players after the last ball stopped rolling received free entry to the USBA Nationals in Tacoma, WA February 17 ““ 21, 2010.

Professor-Q-Ball is proud to announce

<br />

Professor-Q-Ball is proud to announce that Tom “Dr. Cue”® Rossman, ESPN & World Masters Trick Shot Champion, will be entertaining at the Pendennis Club the day before the USBA Qualifier starts.  His exhibition will be on Thursday at 7:30PM on the 21st.  You are welcome to attend and watch this unique show — relax and enjoy his unique “twist of humor” on the pool table.

Cash bar and food will be available.

Dress code will be enforced: Pants, shoes, collared shirt. No jeans, no T-shirts, no sneakers

3-Cushion USBA Regional Qualifier Event at  Pendennis Club  218 West Muhammad Ali Blvd. Louisville, Kentucky 40202

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