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Often Over Looked


This type of shot does not have a diamond system to help the player. So it is a challenge to find the right cue ball speed and angles to get the correct trajectory to score the point. Although there are 2 or 3 other ways to attempt the shot let’s stick with this one for now.

Robert Byrne – Kiss Back Shot

Kissing the cueball back off a ball frozen to a rail is another idea that seldom occurs to beginning three-cushion players. Kiss-back opportunities may not arise for hundreds of points: then several may crop up in a single game. The pattern is common enough that every student should devote some time to learning the angles, English, and speed required.


3-Cushion Regional Qualifier

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Left to right, Felipe & Hugo

Patino, Kolacz, Razon, and Ashby all earned their National entry at no charge, but had to play 2 final matches to determine the overall positions of finish in the Qualifier event and ranking points assigned by the USBA. Razon performed brilliantly as he defeated Patino by a score of 20 ““ 17 for 1st place honors. Meanwhile, Ashby sailed to victory over Kolacz 20 ““ 12 to win 3rd place positioning.


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