Category: Awesome Shots

Magic Moment Revised With 16 Balls

The revised Magic Moment with 16 Balls was performed at High Pockets in Memphis, Tn on Thursday June 10th before a live audience. Paul Frankel, the inventor of this Unique Magical Demonstration preformed this for Dr. Cue International Talent Search called In Search Of Cue-Dean-E back in November of 2009, which he was one of eight audition finalists.

Incredible Relay Shot!

 This is one of the hardest shots i have attempted. It may take you a while to make it. Don’t give up until you made it.

Force Follow Shot

This is a nice force follow shot that requires a smooth follow stroke straight through the ball. Could be a 3 or 4 rail shot. Set up as Diagram. Go right through the yellow...

Kiss Back Shot

This is a shot you want to learn. It’s not as hard as it looks. Set up as in diagram. Try it and you would want to show all your friends. Hitting the white...