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USBA 3-Cushion Nationals Back At The Tropicana in Las Vegas


Players from across the country will showcase their skills at one of the most challenging cue disciplines in the world when the United States Billiard Association (USBA) and Professor-Q-Ball promotions brings the USBA Three-Cushion National Championships back to the neon lights of the Tropicana in Las Vegas as part of the Lucasi Hybrid American Cue Sports (ACS) National Championships week between May 5 and 11, 2012.

The Jump Shot BY BYRNES

The jump shot in pool has become a popular weapon among today’s top players in recent years. Opportunities for jump shots also come up in three-cushion billiards, but not nearly as often. Billiard jump shots are more often used in exhibitions than in games-still, there are a few positions where they are practical, especially for the aggressive players.

The way I understand the rules now, jump shots are legal provided no ball touches the wooden part of the rail; a ball riding along the top of the cushion before falling back onto the table is okay.

Carom Cafe Open Tournament-FINAL CHARTS

1st Place Javier Teran, 2nd Hugo Patino, 3rd Glenn Hofman,
4th Brian Yi, 5th Luis Avila, 6th Francisco para, 7th Miguel Torres,
8th Luis Aveiga, 9th Mazin Shooni, 10th Allan Jensen

SEE FINAL CHARTS & the qualifications  Rounds


Therese Klomenhouwer Wins

July 24-26, 2011


Photo by Merrill Hughes, USBA Director

1st:  Therese Klompenhouwer
2nd:  Gerrie Geelen
3rd:  Orie Hida


Andrew Janquitto Elected New President

About Mr. Janquitto:

Andy Janquitto learned to play straightrail and balkline from Ely Castleman, a famous Baltimore player. A little over five years ago, he started playing three-cushion billiards. His game is still evolving. When not playing billiards, Andy practices law in the Baltimore, Maryland, area.  He is the author of a legal treatise (now in the 3rd edition) and was an adjunct professor of law for a number of years.  From 1983 to 1996, he was the head wrestling coach at The Johns Hopkins University. He recently finished writing the manuscript for a non-fiction work entitled: Tricky Dick and the Oleomargarine Heir: The Story of Bogus Butter, the Great Vice Trial and the Hippie Millionaire who Ended the Vietnam War. He lives in Ruxton, Maryland, with his wife, Liz, and his Gabriels Imperator.

USBA Nationals at the Tropicana Hotel Vegas

USBA 3-Cushion Nationals At Tropicana Las Vegas

Pedro winner of the 2011 USBA Nationals

See final flow chart & Prize fund

Players fromacross the country came to showcase their skills at one of the most challenging cue disciplines in the world when the United States Billiard Association (USBA) and Professor-Q-Ball promotions brought its 3-Cushion National Championships to the neon lights of Tropicana Las Vegas, May 9 to 13, 2011.


USBA Tour “HDCP” Cue & Cushion




Mazin Shooni(Owner of Cue & Cushion)

April 15-17, 2011

Also the big game between,Hugo Patino and Jim Shovak  VS  Mazin Shooni and Tim King,

Mazin Shooni and Tim King won 40 to 33

Check out the Prelim charts by reading more

A recap of Champion of Champions

Piedrabuena, Champion of Champions set a new standard for 3-Cushion


Pedro Piedrabuena of San Diego wowed three-cushion enthusiasts, thousands of pool players and internet viewers with a career-best performance and clear domination of the field at the Invitational Champion of Champions three-cushion billiards tournament at the Allen Hopkins Super Billiards Expo held at the Valley Forge Convention Center March 10-13th 2011.

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