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Window Machine Gun

By Tim Chin – Ranked 3rd by WPA-APD Much like the shot from the Aug/Sep issue, this shot marries two classics – The Window Shot and The Machine Gun. In the classic Window...

Pop Fly

By Tim Chin – Ranked 2nd by WPA-APD I created this Pop Fly shot based on a concept I saw Dan Hosier do in one of his videos. I unveiled it at the...

Two Rail-Jump Wing Shot

By Tim Chin – Ranked 2nd by WPA-APD This is an advanced wing shot which includes a couple jumps as well. A wing shot is shooting the cue ball at a moving object...

Inverse Speed Shot

Inverse Speed Shot By Tim Chin – Ranked 4th by WPA-APD One of the most amazing types of trick shots is speed shots. You’ve probably seen a number of variations of these, usually...

Jamey Gray’s Speed Jump Shot

Jamey Gray’s Speed Jump Shot By: Steve Markle (WPA Ranked 8th) Here is a very entertaining trick shot that was selected by Jamey Gray during the 2010 ESPN Trick Shot Magic which took place...

2012 US Open Artistic Pool Championship

There will be full world ranking points awarded for this Championship and North American rankings for all North American players.


$5000 Added Money


Where:   Harrah’s Hotel and Casino / Tunica, Mississippi


When:   July 26th, 27th 28, Thursday-Saturday


One Rail Masse

As many of you know, it is easy to reach a level of play where you feel as if you cannot continue to improve much more without really stretching your limits.


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