2012 US Open Artistic Pool Championship in Tunica, MS

This weekend the Artistic Pool and Trickshot Association
(APTSA) held the 2012 US Open Artistic Pool
Championship in Tunica, MS. during the Southern
Classic Tournament. We would like to thank Diamond Billiards,
Dr. Cue Promotions, Durbin Cues, Robertson Custom
Cues, APA of Abilene, TX, Table Tops, Inc., Dr Popper Jump
Q’s, Kynett UNC, Abram Diaz, Tim Chin, Thomas Kinzel,
and James Barnard for their sponsorship. They made this great
event possible!
The players and fans enjoyed having the championship at
Harrah’s Casino and hope to come back next year.

Discipline Winners:
“¢ Trick and Fancy – Mark Dimick “¢ Special Arts – Jamey Gray
“¢ Draw – Gordon Hedges “¢ Follow – Jimmy Glanville
“¢ Bank/Kick – Abram Diaz “¢ Stroke – Andy Segal
“¢ Jump – Jamey Gray “¢ Masse – Andy Segal
“¢ Sportmanship Award (by vote of players) Marty Carey

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