Jamey Gray’s Speed Jump Shot

Jamey Gray’s Speed Jump Shot

By: Steve Markle (WPA Ranked 8th)


Here is a very entertaining trick shot that was selected by Jamey Gray during the 2010 ESPN Trick Shot Magic which took place at the Green Valley Ranch Casino in Las Vegas. The object is to jump the cue ball 3 rails. As it makes its way around the table you must jump 9 object balls into pocket “A”. The cue ball will contact the cue butt and be the last ball to be made in that same pocket.


Start off by placing 9 object balls and the cue ball along the long rail as shown. Make sure all balls are frozen to the cushion. Next, place a full length cue on the 1st diamond line. Finally, place a cue butt on the opposite long rail.


Two key details you must keep in mind while attempting this shot is the speed of the cue ball and accurately pocketing the 9 object balls. Before attempting practice jumping the cue ball to maintain a comfortable speed and also jump all 9 balls. This shot can be very difficult so I suggest that you start with 5 object balls and eventually work your way to 9 as your success rate becomes greater. I suggest that you play the cue ball short. This allows you a small amount of more time to jump all the balls. Enjoy this great shot!


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