Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman Retire from competition

Players, Fans, Media Contacts, Sponsors, and Friends,

On a flight several years ago I found a Time Magazine in the seat back pouch in front of me.  A corner of one page was folded over, so I knew that something in the publications content must have caught the attention of the person reading it. Upon further inspection I discovered a special message of life that became for not only me, but also my wife, Marty a key to understanding the billiard journey we had embarked on together back in the fall of 1986 with our professional show work, teaching exploits, unique artistic pool promotions and the various cue sport competitions attempted. The words at the top of the page captivated my attention as well:


“Success is finding your calling and passion in life”¦


And pursuing it regardless of financial gain

Marty and I have realized our calling and passion in life for over 25 years now making people laugh in unique fellowship experiences both on and off the table, providing instructional tips and artistic events to help players and fans enjoy the roll, doing disciplined practice routines required for the challenges of professional artistic pool competitions, and sharing the joys of each experience in the process with each person we have met along the way.

From a personal standpoint, I entered the professional Artistic Pool arena in 2000 at the age of 50, starting a whirlwind competitive journey that lasted 12 years, competing against the best Artistic Pool players from around the world in an assortment of Artistic Pool formats and shooting thousands of classic and / or created shots.  During these special moments of challenge, I received one table / event victory after another beyond any dream or imagination for them.  Not in boasting, but with a sincere and thankful heart for these blessings, I now realize this platform of competitive success has been allowed in my life as a special equipping and testimony so that each person observing and absorbing the witness might Rack Up A Victory in his or her game and life as well.

In light of a new and exciting life vision plan for Marty and me, I have made a decision to leave the professional Artistic Pool arena as a competitor.  We are planning to continue 1) performance and entertainment show engagements, 2) open forum teaching sessions, plus 3) directional effort and active sponsorship of junior, amateur, and professional Artistic Pool competitions.  We will also be sharing our journey experience in various formats, so that others may be encouraged to remain focused with a special hope and joy to fulfill any heartfelt vision that has been given to them.

I plan to continue consultant and commentary / announcer work with the growing professional Artistic Pool movement worldwide and accent those efforts by establishing an official education resource tool called The Artistic Pocket. This special newsletter – style sport report will help all players, fans, media, sponsors, and friends of Artistic Pool to 1) understand the documented facts / foundation of our sport past, 2) enjoy the present movement even more, and 3) plan for future event participation, global promotion, and fellowship of talents with others. The 1st edition of this publication is scheduled for release in early January with subsequent editions coming out every 30 60 days.  Each release will be sent via email by bcc to over 400 contacts we have in our growing sport database, plus over 70 media sources that support and enjoy the gift of Artistic Pool and its associated cue sport activities in a myriad of ways.

Marty and I also have plans to reveal a unique outreach concept called the R.A.C.K. UP A VICTORY Tour.  This will include new player / fan-friendly opportunities at select and limited venue locations with 1) The Masters Treasure For You, 2) APPA (Artistic Pool Playing Artists), and 3) The Foundation of R.A.C.K.  Special sport stewardship and ambassadorship principles will highlight the overall experience for all involved.  For more information on this tour vision, please email or call us.


Thank you for the memories and the wonderful blessing you have all been to us over the years.  We hope and pray that we can share many more years traveling the game and life road together.


Best Victories!!  Tom and Marty (“Dr. Cue and Ms. Cue

Email: Phone: 765.795.4968

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