3-Cushion USBA Regional Qualifier

Professor-Q-Ball’s Promotions Presents


January 14-16th, 2011

Dedicated to Promoting the Sport of 3-Cushion Billiards

We are proud to announce that the dates are set to hold another 3rd Regional Qualifier at the Historic Pendennis Club.

The USBA Regional Qualifier will be a 3-day event starting with the player’s meeting on Friday January 14th. First rounds will start right after player’s meeting 9:00am.

Format: Dress code, collar shirt, shoes and slacks, round robin format, race to 20 points in the prelims and 25 points in the finals. There will be 4 flights of 6. Two from each flight plus the top two 3rd place finishers will advance to the 6 person finals on Sunday. Top 4 winners of the finals each receive free entry into 2010 USBA National Championship.


Paul Frankel
Jim Shovak
Tom Rossman
Gregory Warren
Bernard Kapinos
Mazin Shooni
Rick Kirk
Ken Holstrom
Dennis Douberteen
Gary Eake
Dale Saunder
Stanly Lombardo
Jim Bishop
Dan Kolacz
Chris O’Brian
Max Fisher
Ellis Lawrence
Johnathon Anderson
Chip Sutherland
Eric Hughes
Tyler Thompson
Joe Allen
James Stoner
Brian Haff

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