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USBA Adopts New Constitution

USBA Adopts New Constitution

USBA Adopts New Constitution Published on Monday, 05 August 2013 10:50 Board Reduced from 13 to 7 Changes to Take Place in 2013 Election Cycle The USBA has adopted a new constitution, which greatly...

Hugo Patino and Mazin Shooni took the title at the Pan Americans

Hugo Patino and Mazin Shooni take powerHugo Patino and Mazin Shooni took the title at the Pan AmericansCALI – The Americans Hugo Patino and Mazin Shooni are the winners of the Pan American championship for national teams. The strong team defeated in the final game the two Venezuelans Miguel Canton and Merlin Romero, who defended the title in Cali.

The return of the Americans, who were unable to show up last year because they played their own championship at that time, and Mexico have increased the tension and the level at the Pan Americans. Shooni and Patino played 1.174 overall average.

US Captures Top Prize in Team and Individual Events

Six-time national champion Pedro Piedrabuena extended his dominance of three-cushion billiards by capturing his second Pan American Championship. Held in Cali, Colombia from June 23 to June 30, the tournament featured the best players of North, South and Central America. To get to the finals, Piedrabuena defeated defending champion Carlos Campino from Colombia in the quarter finals (40-33 in 25) and Cesar Garzon, also from Colombia, in the semi-finals (40-17 in 18).

Professor-Q-Ball 3-C Challenge A Great Success

During the first two nights of the preliminary rounds at this year’s USBA national three-cushion championship, pool players lined up three deep to accept Professor-Q-Ball’s challenge: a race to five against one of the billiard players in the tournament, with the pool player getting the break shot and some instruction from a three-cushion player.

“Do unto others…” 3-Cushion

“Do unto others…” 3-Cushion

By Bert van Manen

Frédéric Caudron is still a young man (Jan. 1968), but he has experience beyond his years. No, this is not a quip about his love-life, and it has nothing to do with his business ventures. It is not even about those estimated 500 caroms a week for 30 years, matches and practice hours combined, which is three quarters of a million points in his memory banks. I am referring to just the last few weeks of his life, wherein two things happened that may never happen to another human being. For those who missed it, here are the plain facts.

The stick we never seem to be able to stick with By Bert van Manen

Our prized posession, our trusted friend, the tool of our craft. Most of us even own more than one, and they are good ones. We are like a chef and his knives, or a Tiger and his woods. Billiard players relate to their cue as to their car: not only should it get them from A to B, it should also tell the world who they are.


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