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BCAPL Moves National Championships to the Rio Las Vegas

Mark Griffin and CueSports International (CSI) announce two major changes for the BCAPL National Championships. In 2013, the “œGreatest Pool Tournament in the World” will move from May to July “¦ and will walk the welcome mat at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

Introducing the New Simonis Cloth Classic Tours

Iwan Simonis Cloth Signs on as the new Title Sponsor
of the former Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour. “œThe basic operations, format and
added monies of the tour events will remain the same for the players.
However our room owners and sponsors will see added benefits as a result of
this change”, stated Mike Janis the tours founder.  Janis added “œThe change
in the title sponsorship will now allow us to give our sponsors increased
advertising and sales opportunities along with allowing us to be more
flexible in the sponsors we accept as we can now offer sponsorship to
additional products and cue brands. The room owners will see reduced rates
in tournament fees along with additional benefits related to Simonis Cloth when hosting events as a result of Iwan Simonis Cloths sponsorship.”

Championship LLC announced today they have become the Exclusive Distributor of Silver Cup Chalk.

Silver Cup has been manufacturing colors to match our wide selection of colors for years so it seemed very natural said Fred Cohen, Championship’s president.

We’ve worked together when ever we’ve introduced a new color of cloth to make sure the market would have a matching chalk to use.  We can now boast that we have 31 colors of Championship Cloth and we have a Silver Cup Chalk to match them ALL.

USA Pool League Expands into New England

USA Pool League Expands into New England

USA Pool League Expands into New England The USA Pool League has landed upon the New England shores. Under the Management of pool veterans Roy Pastor, Walter Zincavage, Alex Alpert and Jon Furey, starting...


Event: Dr. Cue Classic Artistic Cup V & Dr. Cue National Artistic Pool Lag II Finals

Note: The Cup V is an Artistic Pool Major stop on the exciting  APTSA National Tour

Primary Financial Sponsors:

Dr. Cue Promotions and Pockets Billiards  Venue:

Innovative Pool Game Seeking League Operators

POOL300  plans  national expansion over next few weeks.

Dallas, TX, Wednesday, April 27, 2011:  Don Owen, co-founder of OB Cues, inventor and long-time pool enthusiast, introduced POOLl300 to the Dallas/Fort Worth market in 2009, with national expansion kicking off in the coming weeks. Don’s vision for POOL300 is to make league pool play as accessible and fun for players, proprietors, and league operators as league bowling.

POOL300 is a challenging pool game similar to 10-ball that uses standard  billiard equipment. Because just about anyone can succeed at POOL300, it gives the proprietor of any establishment with 2 or more pool tables the opportunity to have dedicated players actively attending weekly league events.

In POOL300, clearing the table without missing gets the shooter a strike. Clearing the table with one miss is a spare. POOL300 is 100% offense. When it’s your turn, you’re shooting for yourself, not directly against another player. Players are handicapped in the same way as bowlers so beginners can compete against accomplished players and still have a chance to win.


At the upcoming BCA tournament in Las Vegas, Don Owen and his team are offering opportunities for League Operators and sponsoring the POOL300 Challenge where selected top professionals will be competing for cash. This event is open to the public to watch.

For more information or to get a league started contact Scott Willoughby at or call 855-TRY-POOL300.

TAP Leagues TAP-Pool Net Empowering the Player

TAP, LLC Releases Another Upgrade thru Pool Net for Enhanced Player and Operator Functions !

Little River, SC, June 17th, 2011 -  TAP Founder/CEO Loyd Schonter has done it again!  Pool Net, a subsidiary of TAP LLC,  just got some enhancements for the TAP Players and TAP Operators.  Once again, free of charge, just as an extra bonus for being a member and part of the TAP family.

Players can view stats and handicaps by going into their league/organization and division, standings can come up on not only desktops and laptops, but via smart phones, pads and tablets. Players can click on Games Won and sort the division by top to bottom or vice versa.  Also, they can click on their team name and sort the team players by matches won.

Fury Cues Presents the Seminole Pro Tour Challenge

Fury cues has teamed up with leading online billiards retailer to present an opportunity to win a free Fury pool cue based on the upcoming Seminole Pro Tour event to be held at Capone’s Billiards in Tampa, Fl July 8-10th.

The Seminole Pro Tour Challenge is open to all US residents. Contestants will select the winner, runner-up, and a final score tiebreaker of the next Seminole Pro Tour stop. The winner will be selected based on those entries that have correctly chosen both the winner and runner-up. In the event of a tie, the final score tiebreaker will be used to determine the winner. If you are the lucky one to pick the winner and runner-up of the event correctly, you will win a FREE Fury pool cue. For complete rules and to enter, visit Entries must be complete by midnight July 8, 2011.

Dr. Cue on Price is Right!

Special Press Release:  “œDr. Cue” on Price is Right!
From: Billiards Superstars Promotions

On May 4, 2011 Tom “œDr. Cue” Rossman filmed a “special guest” segment for the
Price is Right, the longest running game show in TV history.  A very enthusiastic studio audience, a large production crew, host Drew Carey and his assistants, and of course “œMs. Cue”, Dr. Cue’ wife, enjoyed the moment.   “œDr. Cue” performed  “œtrick shots and so much more” on a Mosconi pool table prize being given away.

Gearing Up for the BEF Junior Nationals!

The Billiard Education Foundation (BEF) Junior National 9-Ball Championships is the most prestigious junior event in North America. Young billiard athletes, ages 18 & under, will be competing for academic scholarships,  prizes and an opportunity to represent North America at the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) World Junior 9-Ball Championships. The 23rd annual event will be held at Northern Illinois University (NIU) in DeKalb, Illinois, July 6th-10th, 2011.

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