OB Cues sign “The Lion”

OB Cues is delighted to announce that they have signed an agreement with Alex “The Lion” Pagulayan as a player representative for OB Cues. This agreement will undoubtedly help both Alex and OB Cues immensely as they move forward together.

Shane Sinnott, Director of Sales and Marketing for OB Cues said “Alex has a magnetic personality and is arguably one of the best all-around Pool Players playing the game right now, we couldn’t be happier to have Alex onboard with us and we look forward to seeing him win many more tournaments using OB Cues.”

“I believe this arrangement is ideal for Alex as it allows him to focus on his career and it lays a foundation for a world class player to now be paired with a world class cue manufacturer,” notes Jim Wych, Pagulayan’s agent. “I can tell you that Alex is extremely happy and excited to be involved with OB Cues and he can’t wait to get back to the pool table with his new cues in hand.”
OB Cues, headquartered in Plano, Texas is a leading manufacturer of High Performance Pool Cues and Pool Cue Shafts made 100% in the USA since 2005. For more information on OB Cues or OB shafts or to become an authorized dealer, please visit www.obcues.com For more information on Alex Pagulayan you will be able to check out his new website which he and OB Cues will announce in the next few days.

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