SUPER BILLIARD EXPO–WE’RE BACK! Join us for a full week in April

WE’RE BACK! Join us for a full week in April….

As you may have heard by now, the 2022 Super Billiards Expo will be held April 18-24 – for a full week! The main reason for this longer show is to provide the TAP League a venue for their postponed National Championship event – which must be completed before they can hold their Rally in the Valley event. So, we are hosting both exciting events back-to-back!

This email is lengthy, but we feel it is warranted to let everyone know about these big changes and what they entail.



Come and get your Expo week started early with this fun new event, the 6-Ball Amateur Players Championship. It’s the same as 9-Ball, but, you guessed it – with 6 balls! You’ll enjoy the fast pace of this game as you start your week at the Expo.


Since we have a few extra days, we’re bumping the WarmUp and Open Amateur events up a day. The exciting “Wednesday” WarmUp event will actually be held Tuesday this year. And the Open Amateur event will start on Wednesday, April 20. See website for details.


Exhibitors have always been open Thursday-Sunday of the Expo. Due to this change in schedule, we are also encouraging them to come in early as well – so they can be set-up and ready to see you Monday. We’re looking forward to having everyone in the building all week, something we’ve never had possible before.



We know there has been lots of turbulence over the last two years as a result of Covid. We have kept all your entries intact, and if you were registered for 2020 you are now registered to play in 2022 (unless you already cancelled, of course). If you cannot make these new dates, or wish to withdraw for any reason, you can always do so on our website.
Please visit this page for details.

CANCELED, But changed your mind?

If you canceled your event Entry after our previous date-change announcement but now wish to remain in the event – no problem! Please simply reply to this email and let us know. As long as you have not received your refund yet, we can reverse your request and get you back in the event. Prior to our first covid-cancellation, all events were sold out! We’ve processed hundreds of cancellations and refunds since then, but we know everyone just loves to play, so we’ll do our best to get you back in. If you already received a refund, then you’ll simply need to sign up again.

If you want to double-check, visit our website and navigate to your desired event. Once on that page, scroll down to see the Registered Player List and look for your name. They are sorted alphabetically by last name. If you think you should be enrolled but don’t see your name, reply to this email and let us know.

COVID Regulations?

We know there is lots of uncertainty these days, and rules and regulations seem to change without much notice. We’ve been keeping an eye on local regulations and been in contact with local officials. Events have been running for quite some time now. We waited to announce details because we wanted to be certain that all would proceed safely and without a hitch.

The host venue and region does not fall under the strict Covid requirements found in the city. We will follow any and all local regulations required of us. As of this moment, there do not appear to be any. We will NOT be asking for proof of vaccine for entry (as of this writing). You will not be required to wear a mask, but if you feel more comfortable doing so, then by all means do so. We realize and understand that everyone’s perception and situation is unique. We’ve all been in this situation for two years now, so we trust that you know what is best to do for yourself and your family.


As always, we want everyone to have a great time at the show – and we will do everything we can to ensure that it happens. We appreciate your patience as we’ve all had to deal with these ramifications caused by Covid. We hope you and your family are still in good health and have fared well through these trying times.

If you have questions or want to discuss any thoughts about the show – please call (609)652-6116

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