Tri-State event on September 30, 2018 at BQE located at 70-02 34th Avenue, Jackson Heights, Queens, NY.

Left 1st Place Shivam Gupta: Right 2nd Place Ricky Deng

Shivam Gupta victorious in Tri-State at BQE’s tournament in Jackson Hts., (Queens), NY . Shivam’s tournament trail included wins over John Francisco 7 – 2 and Lidio Ramierez 7 – 6; before suffering a loss to Bob Toomey 7 – 4. Ricky Deng was also making his way through the winner’s bracket, defeating Bob Toomey 6 – 1 for the Hot Seat. Shivam Gupta and Bob Toomey were poised for their rematch to reach the Finals. This time it was Shivam pulling the match out 7 – 6. During the Finals, Ricky Deng jumped out ahead 2 – 0, but Shivam rallied to pull ahead 3 – 2. From that point, Shivam managed to control the match with a 9 – 7 . The next Tri-State event will be 9 Ball on October 7, 2018, A-B-C-D 9 Ball at Steinway Billiards , Astoria, (Queen), NY. Please provide a thank you to Ozone Billiards, Sterling-Gaming, Kamui Tips, Phil Capelle, BlueBook Publishing, Human Kinetics , Pool & Billiards, Professor Q Ball,Bender Cues, and DIGICUE OB for their sponsorship leading to this event.

1st Place Shivam Gupta 660
2nd Place Ricky Deng 420
3rd Place Bob Toomey 260
4th Place Mike Garetta 150
5th/6th Place Jaydev Zaveri 100
5th/6th Place Daniel Decker 100
7th/8th Place Jerry Almodovar 70
7th/8th Place Nathaniel Raimondo 70
9th/12th Place Lidio Ramierez 0
9th/12th Place Shane Torres 0
9th/12th Place Matt Klein 0
9th/12th Place Luis La Puente 0

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