Tri-State Tour at Clifton Billiards

The highlight of today’s event at Clifton Billiards was Neil Walmsley march to the finals after losing to Sean Emmitt what could have been a confidence shattering 7-1 matchup. He would then go a combined 24-17 thru his next three opponents. Beating Tri Chau 7-2 , he would then meet the father-son team of Ralph Ramos and Ralph Ramos Jr, where he would send them home with 4th and 3rd place defeating Ralph Ramos 8-5 and Jr 9-8. The final matchup would be a repeat of the match that sent him to the one loss side but with drastically different outcome. While perhaps the hot seat wait affected Sean’s he never got a chance to get into the match. With a final score of 9-3 Neil ended the day with superb pocketing and safety play and as such walked away with the 1st place trophy .L2R

Sean Emmitt 2nd
Neil Walmsley 1st

1st Place Neil Walmsley 500
2nd Place Sean Emmitt 250
3rd Place Ralph Ramos Jr 175
4th Place Ralph Ramos 110
5th/6th Place Tri Chau 60
5th/6th Place Dax Druminski 60L2R
Sean Emmitt 2nd
Neil Walmsley 1st

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