Inaugural Jerry Olivier Ladies Tour

Jennifer Kraber takes the Win

At the Inaugural Jerry Olivier Ladies Tour March 10-11th


Jerry Olivier, custom cue maker extraordinaire from Houston, TX rolled out the red carpet for his newly sponsored Ladies 9-Ball Tour at Skinny Bob’s Billiards, the weekend of March 10th-11th. Jerry won over the hearts of all the ladies of the former OB Cues Ladies Tour and brought sponsorship to a new level. It’s not very often that a Title Sponsor partakes in the tournament activities of an event but Jerry was with us all weekend, providing sponsor banners for each and every stop, personalized crystal trophies for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners for each and every stop, personalized payout materials, stickers, banners plus participated in the group photo with all 58 ladies in attendance for this inaugural event. Can you spot Jerry?

To quote Jerry: “It is an honor to be a part of your team. Thank you all for this opportunity!   And, to all 58 Ladies that played, THANK YOU!   Without you, none of this is possible.   I’m looking forward to the future with this Tour”. Jerry, WE thank you for your sponsorship, friendship and most of all your genuine care and love for the game and for allowing all players to continue to flourish in our pool dreams and endeavors. We will make you proud!

It was also a joy to be playing at the famous Skinny Bob’s Billiards, home of the Texas 10-Ball Open and Texas Open. Skinny Bob’s, a fan favorite billiard room, was our home all weekend and we appreciate John Cielo and his staff for taking care of us and our fans, supporters, family and friends for this fantastic showing.

Like all of our tournaments, it is a two-day double elimination 9-ball tournament. Many champions and title holders were at this event, so without a doubt it would be a strong tournament to the finish. It was anybody’s guess who would take home the 1st place prize. Players from Missouri, Alabama and all over Texas brought their “A” game. The Jerry Olivier Ladies Tour is also a member of NAPT (North American Pool Tour). This stop was a qualifying event for the NAPT Division I Pro Event in August at Shooters Sports Bar and Billiards in Grayslake, IL. For more information on NAPT, be sure to check out

By the end of Day 1, the top 16 returned to continue their winning ways. On the winner’s side, it was Jennifer Kraber vs. Gail Eaton and Rhea Brooks vs. Board Member, Yvonne Asher. Jennifer, from Austin and local Skinny Bob’s champion, made her way to the winner’s side by defeating Ming Ng 7-3 as her first match, then Kristin Wilburn 7-2; Kelly Jones 7-1 and a tough match against Chris Fields 7-6.

Gail, from Boerne, always a top finisher in many, many tournaments, was blazing her winning trails with wins and three back-to-back-to-back hill-hill matches; defeating Margaret Fuentes 7-1; Belinda Lee 7-6; Robyn Petrosino 7-6 and Orietta Strickland, current tour champion, 7-6.

Rhea’s winning record included wins over Jennifer Yo 7-3; Teresa Garland 7-6; Michelle Cortez 7-6 and Ellen Robinson 7-2.

Board Member Yvonne Asher playing strong and consistent all weekend scored wins over Diana Cardona 7-3; Marilana Nieves 7-2; Ashley Julian 7-4 and Kim Sanders 7-2.

On the other side of the bracket, matches were Kelly Jones vs. Tina Soto; Board Member Teresa Garland vs. Ming Ng; Board Member Shayla Neris vs. Kim Pierce and Nicole Menitz vs. Belinda Lee.

Placing 13th-16th was Tina Soto from Everman, Teresa Garland from Houston, Shayla Neris and Nicole Menitz both from Austin. 9th-12th was Kelly Jones from Alabama, Kim Pierce and Kim Sanders both from Austin and Chris Fields from Arlington.

7th-8th winners were Belinda Lee from Pearland and Ming Ng from Houston; 5th-6th went to Ellen Robinson from San Marcos and Orietta Strickland from Plano. 4th Place went to Yvonne Asher who had her best tournament and highest finish ever since playing on the OB Cues Ladies Tour and now Jerry Olivier Ladies Tour. Jerry also has two players that he sponsors and they are none other than Board Members Teresa Garland and Yvonne Asher. Jerry sure knows how to pick them and besides their inner and outer beauty; they play pretty sporty as well. Congratulations to all!

Rhea Brooks from Missouri was having a great tournament. She played Jennifer Kraber for the hot seat match but Jennifer, always consistent and a tough opponent to draw, defeated her 7-3. In the semi-finals match, Gail Eaton scored a rematch with Jennifer, as she narrowly defeated Rhea 7-6 to earn her right to the finals match. Great tournament showing Rhea!

In a true double elimination format, Gail would have to defeat Jennifer twice to earn first place and while she tried her best to score a first set win, Jennifer fought hard to the finish and made it one set only securing the first place title with a 7-6 score. Way to shoot, Gail and Jennifer! Awesome job!

(From left to right: Yvonne Asher (4th), Jennifer Kraber (1st); Gail Eaton (2nd), Rhea Brooks (3rd)

Main Event Payouts – 58 players -$2000 added monies

1st –Jennifer Kraber – $765

2nd – Gail Eaton – $590 + NAPT Division I Qualifier Winner

3rd – Rhea Brooks – $445

4th – Yvonne Asher – $345

5th/6th – Ellen Robinson, Orietta Strickland – $200

7th/8th – Belinda Lee, Ming Ng – $130

9th-12th – Kelly Jones, Kim Sanders, Kim Pierce, Chris Fields – $95

13th-16th – Tina Soto, Nicole Menitz, Shayla Neris, Teresa Garland – $35


Jennifer Kraber (1st) Gail Eaton (2nd) Rhea Brooks (3rd)

Best of the Rest Tournament – 16 players – $100 added monies

1st – Natalie Rocha – $100

2nd – Christy Grisby – $75

3rd – D’Andrea McQuirter – $50

4th – Kathy Knuth – $25

5th/6th – Nina Dolman, Darcy Durham – $5

(Best of the Rest Winners: from left to right: Natalie Rocha (1st), Christy Grisby (2nd)

Thank you to our sponsors Jerry Olivier, and MzTam Trinh;

Next stop: April 21-22 at The Billiard Den, Richardson, TX

See you there.

Jerry Olivier Ladies Tour




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