Go Fetch by Eric Yow Trick Shot

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Go Fetch
By Eric Yow

I’ve been preparing to compete in the 2009 ESPN2 “Trick Shot Magic” competition which films September 16-17 at the ESPN Zone in the NYNY Hotel in Las Vegas. This year’s competition involves a shot program with 182 shots plus an additional 4 shots submitted by each of the 8 competitors. I want to teach you one of the shots that one of my competitor’s submitted which has been around for quite some time. I successfully shot a version of this shot in “3 Cushion Grandmaster” on ESPN against Semih Sayginer where I called the shot “Go Fetch.” It is a full table length masse where the cue ball is shot up-table to strike the first object ball, then return back down-table to the bottom corner. In 3 cushion billiards, the white would “go fetch” the hit on the red, then rocket back down table to hit the yellow after numerous hits on the long rail. In artistic pool, we will be pocketing a ball in both the far and near corners.

I shoot this shot with my signature Eric Yow Masse Cue, which is 25 ounces, 44 inches long, has a stainless steel ferrule, and a hard layered tip. The “Yow!” Masse Cues and “Yow!” Jump Cues have just been introduced on the market and I am confident when I say that they are the best masse and jump cues available! I elevate the “Yow!” Masse Cue to about 80 degrees (near vertical) and aim down table, perhaps even just a little bit away from the long rail. With a dart grip, holding the cue by only a finger and thumb, I strike downward with a powerful stroke hitting the cue ball with low left masse english. The left hand spin will keep it driven into the long rail on its way back, so as not to let it lose its desired path. If struck with the right amount of power, the ball will maintain enough back spin despite the distance and friction, pocket the far ball, then rocket all the way back to the near corner, likely hitting the long rail a number of times.

It is particularly important that you use proper equipment on this shot. Fresh Simonis 860 cloth is my preference, for the sake of speed, consistency, and durability. When shot properly, the cloth will not be noticeably damaged. Also, a clean Aramith cue ball is necessary, as dirty balls lose spin due to friction. Add a little wax or silicone if you’re having trouble. While this shot can be done with a full cue, it is quite difficult. With a full cue, perhaps you might ought to shoot the shot along the short rail, as you won’t be able to get the distance otherwise. If you want to shoot the full table masse shots, you should consider purchasing the best masse cue on the market, an Eric Yow Masse Cue! For more information and photos, please contact me at yow@ericyow.com.

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