Not The Half Butterfly-By Tim Chin

Not The Half Butterfly

By Tim Chin


The Half Butterfly is a classic shot where each ball in the cluster goes into a different pocket on the same side of the table, but by tweaking the setup just a little, I invented a brand new shot out of it. Here, the first two balls split into opposite side pockets, the third ball goes into the far corner, while the cue ball goes three rails and comes back for the hanging ball in pocket A. This also looks pretty cool since the cue ball has to go around ball F.

If you set this shot up, start with the B ball. I place it in the corner of the intersection of the long center line and third diamond. The B-F ball combo is aligned towards the long rail near pocket F. The E-B ball tangent splits pocket E. I start with the cue ball on the long centerline, behind the second diamond. I actually aim for about a 1/2 ball hit on the B ball, even though the CB will actually hit the E ball first. Use about a tip of follow and half tip of right english to get the cue ball around.

You may have to move the cluster around a little to get all the balls to go on your table. Theres certainly some leeway in the setup, so find out what works best for you, just make sure you can find the same spots every time. Make sure you move the cue ball around with it as well. If the cue ball runs short, the best option is to add more follow. You can add more right english as well, but that could throw off some of the other balls. If it runs long, take some follow off or aim just a hair thicker.


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