Fedor Gorst has reached the top of the World Nineball Tour rankings after being crowned World Pool Champion at the Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal City Sports Hall in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Gorst ascended from No. 2 to No. 1 on the World Nineball Tour, bolstered by a record-breaking first prize of $250,000. His total earnings acquired from ranking events now stand at $398,411, the highest amount ever achieved on the World Nineball Tour rankings.

Fedor Gorst stated: “Being both the World Champion and the top-ranked player in the world feels overwhelming. This is a tremendous achievement for me—not only reaching number one again but also becoming the youngest player to win multiple World Pool Champion titles. The sense of accomplishment is incredible, and I hope to maintain my position as number one for a long time.”

Alongside the American champion, Eklent Kaçi has risen to No. 3 on the WNT rankings after finishing as runner-up in the World Pool Championship, earning a prize of $100,000.

Top 10 WNT Rankings

1)        Fedor Gorst (USA) – $398,411

2)        Francisco Sanchez Ruiz (Spain) – $182,428

3)        Eklent Kaçi (Albania) – $166,418

4)        Ko Ping Chung (Chinese Taipei) – $139,278

5)        Jayson Shaw (Great Britain) – $137,182

6)        David Alcaide (Spain) – $111,912

7)        Wiktor Zielinski (Poland) – $105,746

8)        Joshua Filler (Germany) – $104,366

9)        Mario He (Austria) – $92,417

10)      Aloysius Yapp (Singapore) – $91,850


View the full World Nineball Tour rankings, here.

Players will have the opportunity to gain further ranking points at the next signature Matchroom multi-table event, the European Open Championship in Fulda, Germany from August 6-11 at the Hotel Esperanto.

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