Derby City Classic 2018 Full Results


2018 Derby City Classic All Around Championship aka Master of the Table by Ricky Bryant

The points for the All Around Championship are earned in the three main events of the DCC. The three main events are 9-Ball Banks, One Pocket and 9-Ball, occurring in that order over 9 days. The higher you finish in each event the more points you receive. Corey Deuel took the points lead in the All Around by winning the first event, 9-ball Banks. Francisco Bustamante would move to the top when he won the One Pocket event and having finished 4th in the 9-Ball Banks. Bustamante had only finished 26th in the one pocket. Justin Bergman was in the hunt having finished 9th in 9-Ball Banks and 2nd in One Pocket. He was followed by Shannon Daulton who finished 9th in 9-Ball Banks and 3rd in One Pocket. The last event of the DCC 9-Ball would be the final decider. Shane Van Boening and Jason Shaw had shots at getting there if they won the 9-Ball. Shan would end Jason’s by eliminating him from the 9-Ball in the 10th round. Shane’s departure in the semifinal of the 9-Ball locked the All Around Championship for Francisco Bustamante. The All Around Championship finished as follows:

1st – Francisco Bustamante – $20,000.00

2nd – Justin Bergman –  $3,000.00

3rd – Corey Deuel –         $1,000.00

3rd – Shane Van Boening – $1,000.00

Total 2018 DCC Payouts of all events was $276,725.00


Corey Deuel wins 9-Ball Banks

2018 Derby City 9-Ball Banks by Ricky Bryant

The 20th Derby City Classic started on Friday January 19th   with 9-Ball Banks. The DCC consist of three events which were played with CYCLOP pool balls on Diamond 9 foot tables covered with Simonis cloth, the three major sponsors. The event had a field of 470 players. The event is 9-Ball Banks, racked like 9-Ball, banks must be completely called and go clean, no contact with another ball or combinations. It is the first with 5 balls in a race to 3, single elimination with one buy-back option at the discretion of the player. There was a re-draw every round of the remaining players after each round.

The event spanned five days and fourteen rounds. There were six players after11 rounds, only one had a buy back Corey Deuel. The other five players were John Brumback, Francisco Bustamante, Troy Jones, Jayson Shaw and Shane Van Boening. In round 12 Deuel eliminate Bustamante, Brumback eliminated Van Boening and Shaw eliminated Jones. Corey went into round 13 still in possession of his buy back, life line. Corey would eliminate Shaw while Brumback took a break and watched having the bye. The final was set between John Brumback, a three time DCC Banks Champion (09, 10, and 16) and Corey Deuel. Since Corey still had his buy back Brumback would have to defeat him twice to add to his title list. Brumback had added incentive having suffered his only loss at the hands of Corey in the 11th round.

Corey came out firing taking the first game 5 to 1. Brumback sporting his new 3 week old glasses, fired back in the second game 5 to 1, knotting the match at 1 all. Corey was not fazed and took the third game to get on the hill 2 – 1. Corey looked to be closing the deal in the fourth rack up 4 balls to 0. But Brumback got an opening and scored 5 balls before Corey could get that last needed ball. The match was now Hill-Hill and Brumback had the momentum. But Corey playing like it was do or die, almost like he forgot he had a buy back, took the fifth and final game 5 to 0. Congratulations to Corey Duel the 2018 DCC 9-Ball Banks Champion, his second DCC Championship, One Pocket 2013.

1            Deuel, Corey            $10,000.00

2            Brumback, John    $4,000.00

3            Shaw, Jason            $2,875.00

Payout was through 57 players added money $10,000 Grand total payout $57,000.00


20th Derby City 9-Ball by Ricky Bryant

The 9-Ball event started on Wednesday January 24th, the 6th day of the DCC with 364 players. They played 13 rounds over the last 4 days of the DCC. The 9-Ball event was a Marconi Cup point’s event as selected by Matchroom Sports. The event was a race to 9; winner breaks and rack your own. The nine on the break counts. The events at DCC were no jump cue events but jumping was allowed, with a shooting cue (no break cue for jumping), in the 9 ball. This is the only winners break event at the DCC.

The 10th round started with thirteen players. The results of the 10th round were: Ruslan Chinakhov eliminating Tommy Tokoph, Joshua Filler eliminating Josh Roberts, Mika Immonen eliminating Warren Kiamco, Donny Mills sends Chris Melling to the buy back window, Dennis Orcollo eliminates John Schmidt, Shane VanBoening eliminates Jayson Shaw and John Morra had bye. There were no remaining buy backs for the 8 players in the 11th round, it was win or go home. Orcollo defeated Chinakhov, Melling defeated Filler, Van Boening defeated Immonen and Morra defeated Mills. Round 12 was the semi-final round, in the Accu-Stats arena John Morra defeated Shane Van Boening and the other semifinal Melling defeated Orcollo in a long match with a lot of safety play.

The final was set for the Accu-Stats arena between John Morra and Chris Melling. The match started about 1:10 AM Eastern Time Sunday morning. Chris took the early lead at 3 to 2. But Chris, who had been playing back to back matches all day, seemed to stall at that point and Morra won the next 6 games, in the winner breaks format. Morra was on the hill breaking for the Championship, made a ball and then missed. Chris having had a nice rest sitting in his chair most of the last 6 racks came to the table. Game after Game went to Chris and you could feel the tension in the arena that Morra just wanted one more chance. But the few times he came to the table Chris had left him without a shot or hooked. The match final got to Hill-Hill with Chris breaking. On a nice break, Chris ran the rack to become the 2018 DCC 9-Ball Champion. This had to be the sickest come back in a final that I have seen. Congratulations Chris Melling the first Englishman to win a major in the 20 years of the Derby City Classic.

1                  Melling, Chris               $16,000.00

2                  Morra, John                  $8,000.00

3                  Orcollo, Dennis            $3,950.00

4                  VanBoening, Shane    $3,950.00

5                  Chinakov, Ruslan       $2,700.00

Payout was through 91 players – added money $25,000 – Grand total payout $54,600.00


1stBilly Thorpe wins Ring Game, 2nd Shannon Murphy

2018 DCC Extra Events

by Ricky Bryant

The Banks Ring Game is always a fan favorite had a late start on Friday night due to One Pocket carrying over and finishing on Friday. But the loyal fans packed the arena. There are 6 players who pay a $1,500 entry with Diamond adding $3000. The standard Banks rules are in place with the following exceptions.

  • 10 ball rack is used instead of 9.
  • Kicks of 3 rails or more count until play is down to 2 players
  • No safety play if more than 2 players

The players are given 30 chips valued at $50 each. The ball value starts at $50 and increases in different racks until it maxes out at $1,000 per ball. There is a draw for shooting position and re-draws during the game. Play is continued until one player has all the chips. The winner of the ring game gets $8,000 and second place gets $4,000.

Due to the late start had still being in the 9-Ball and making a run for the All-Around Francisco Bustamante pulled out of the Ring Game this year. But there is always a waiting list of top players that want in the six man ring game. The six players for 2018 were: Shannon Daulton, Billy Thorpe, Skyler Woodward, Corey Deuel, Jeremy Jones and Shannon Murphy.

The first out were Skyler Woodward and Shannon Daulton followed by Corey Deuel. The ball price up to $600 saw the chips move fast to Billy Thorpe. Billy made 3 banks which put Jones with one chip and Murphy with 6 chips all in.   Billy’s next bank to the side clipped the point and didn’t go. Jones and Murphy were unable to score on their turns and Billy on his next turn took home first place in the ring game and Shannon Murphy got second.

The George Fels Memorial Straight Pool Challenge started on Sunday with a four day qualifier and was to be followed by an 8 player single elimination bracket play-off. In the qualifier a player gets 12 tries for $100. The player starts with 14 balls racked and the 15th ball and cue ball in hand to start their run. They run until they miss. Each day the top three runs are paid $300, $200 and $100 respectively. The player with the high run in the qualifier gets an additional $1,000. There was also a bounty of $1,000 if anyone could beat Jason Shaw’s record of 227 set in 2015.

Dennis Orcollo scored the bonus $1,000 by matching Shaws 227 run. The 8 players with top runs were Dennis Orcollo (227), John Schmidt (183), Ruslan Chinahov (182), Merek Kudlink (155), Maksim Dudanets (127), Miesko Fortunski (125), Konrad Juszczyszyn (118) and Jayson Shaw (112).   Due to time constraints and DCC main events running late the 8 players voted to chop the prize money and there would be no play off this year, each of the 8 players getting $2,800. Straight Pool fans stay tuned because Greg Sullivan of Diamond Billiard Products is working on changes for 2019 so there can be some form of play off.


Roberto-Gomez wins Bigfoot

2018 BIGFOOT 10-BALL CHALLENGE by Ricky Bryant

This was the sixth year for the BIGFOOT 10-ball challenge which is the only Pro event at the Derby City Classic. All of the other DCC events were Pro-Am. The event started in 2013 with Dennis Orcullo taking the opening event. Shane VanBoening took the next two in 2014 and 2015. Jason Shaw won in 2016 and 2017.

The event is by invitation only, with sixteen professional players invited by Diamond Billiard Product to compete in the event. The entry for each player was $1,000 for the single elimination event. Diamond added $16,000 to bring the total prize fund to $32,000. The event is played with CYCLOP balls on a Diamond 10 foot table covered with Simonis cloth. The official rack is the Outsville 10-Ball template, . All of the matches were live streamed from the ACCU-STATS arena and will be available later on Vimeo on Demand by Accu-Stats at . The event used a standard single elimination bracket format beginning with a random draw and was a race to 11. The Tournament director was Steve McDonald and Officiated by Ken Shuman. The special rules of the tournament:

  • No jump sticks but you could use your shooting cue to jump.
  • This was not a call shot event
  • Alternating Brakes
  • There was a 40 second shot clock with one automatic extension per rack. Also if down on the shot before the clock expired was not a foul unless you didn’t shoot.
  • This was an all ball foul event

The first round was played over two days, Friday and Saturday:

The first match Friday had fellow countrymen Roberto Gomez defeating Ronnie Alcano in a hill-hill match. The second match pitted Mosconi team mates Jason Shaw against Joshua Filler. Filler, the MVP of the 2017 Mosconi Cup, won handily 11-7 over Shaw. The third match had Mika Immonen defeating Dennis Orcullo 11 – 7. The fourth and final match of day had USA Mosconi team mates Dennis Hatch against Shane Van Boening. Dennis took an early lead 6 to 2 but Shane came back to get on the hill at 10 to 8. Dennis kept grinding and took the match to hill – hill but Shane won the match 11 – 10. Saturday, day 2, and the other half of round one started with Jeffrey De Luna of the Philippines defeating Konrad Juszczyszyn of Poland, 11 – 7. The second match of the day was 17 year old Fedor Grost of Russia defeating Alex “The Lion” Pagulayan of Canada 11 – 7. The third match had John Morra of Canada defeating Lee Vann Corteza of the Philippines 11 – 8. The forth match of the day and the last of the first round was a hill-hill win for Ruslan Chinahov of Russia over Corey Deuel of the USA, 11 – 10.

Sunday, day 3, was the second round of play in the Bigfoot event. All players advancing out of round 2 were in the money and guaranteed a minimum of $4,000 pay day. Roberto Gomez cooled off hot player Joshua Filler 11 – 6. The second match was a tense one with Mika Immonen edging out Shane Van Boening 11 – 9. This eliminate the last of the previous BigFoot champions, guaranteeing there would be a new champion for 2018. The third match again highlighted the 17 year old Fedor Gorst over Jeffrey De Luna 11 – 4. The forth match had John Morra eliminating Ruslan Chinahov 11 – 8.

Monday the final day of the BigFoot event consisted of 2 semi-final matches and a final. The first semi-final went to hill-hill with Roberto Gomez eliminating Mika Immonen ($4,000) 11-10. The second semi-final had the straight shooting Fedor Grost routing John Morra ($4,000) 11 – 5.

The final was set up with 17 year old Fedor Grost of Russia against Roberto Gomez of the Philippines. Grost won the lag but broke dry in the first game. The match was a back and forth battle until Gomez took a 6 to 4 lead. Grost showing a lot of heart and shooting ability took the next 4 games for a 8 to 6 lead. Gomez showed a lot of heart and won 3 of the next 4 games to tie the match at 9 to 9. Gorst was the first on the hill but Gomez took the next game to take the match to hill-hill. Gorst broke dry in the final rack which started another safety battle. The back and forth safety battle ended with Gorst fouling on a kick shot. Gomez with ball in hand ran 8 balls to win the game and the match. The 2018 BigFoot Champion Roberto Gomez got $16,000 and Fedor Gorst, in is second Derby City Classic took home $8,000. Congratulations to Roberto Gomez the 2018 BigFoot Champion. But we are seeing a rising star in Fedor Gorst who will just turn 18 later this year.


2018 One Pocket Hall Of Fame  by Ricky Bryant

 Group photo L to R

Scott Frost (MC), Son of Eugen  “CLEM” METZ, Daughter of Charles “Country Martin, Jeremy Jones, Keith McCready, Not pictured is CO-MC Shannon Daulton

The One Pocket Hall of Fame as the One Pocket Website, ONEPOCKET.ORG are labors of love by Steve Booth. The Hall of Fame dinner has been missed at DCC for the last two years, 16 and 17. The Hall of Fame doesn’t just honor One Pocket it also includes Banks and Lifetime Pool in Action players. This year there were no inductees for banks just One Pocket and Lifetime Pool in Actions. The dinner was on Wednesday night to not conflict with any DCC event finals. As always there was a great gathering of players and friends. The original Master of Ceremony’s Freddy “The Bead” Bentivegna and Grady “The Professor” Mathews were missed. The Co-Masters of Ceremony’s Scott Frost and Shannon Daulton, represented well and did a great job. The One Pocket inductees were Jeremy Jones and Eugene “Clem ” Metz. Most people know Jeremy for winning the US Open 9 in 2003. Jeremy can hold his own in any pool curriculum as well as being a top commentator. Eugene “Clem” Metz who passed in 2011 was repsented by his son Tyll Donnie Metz. Numerous players and friends took to the stage to tell stories about “Clem”. The two players honored for Lifetime Pool In Action were Charles “Country” Martin and Keith McCready. “Country” passed away December 26, 2017 and was represented by his Daughter Sonya Martin. As with “Clem” numerous players told stories about “Country” that put smiles on everyone’s faces and made your heart warm. The evening finished off with one of the best know charters of pool Keith ” Earthquake” McCready. At 61 years young Keith is still spouting stories and challenges. He announced he had 18 hours to play and would take on any players, with the right game. All in all it was great to have the Hall of Fame back and everyone had a great time. To read more about the players and to see video of the HOF Dinner visit OnePocket.ORG. Thanks to Steve Booth for all he does, and hope more people lend their support.





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