Scotch Doubles winners Tae Lee and Ergun Tuna

Very happy and honored to become Scotch Doubles Champion of the Desert Showdown @Quechan Casino Resort with my partner Ergun Tuna.  we came out firing in all cylinders and our chemistry was absolutely perfect! we have such different shot approach, attacking angles, and technique, but our difference came together so beautifully and complimented each others strengths and weaknesses. His calm and cool approach to difficult shots really inspired me to play a strong game, and surprised me with his knowledge of the game. Ofcourse, i had to get us into rythm and i shot like a madman I really had a slow start to the tournament and got knockout of the handicapped tournament early, but bounced back to win this one and also cane in 5-8 in the Open Tournament which featured many top players in the Pan-Americas.
Huge thanks to Mazin Shooni,Ricardo Caranco, Paul Feltman Jr, Daniel Bush, Jojo and all the staff who worked tirelessly to get 4 tournaments running absolutely perfect throught the week. All the planning, time, $$ spent to have such a good event is really appreciated by all the players. And most of all, I thank God, for giving me the strength,health, means to play this great game and guiding my life in his hands. Also, thanks to Jan Carl/Stealth Custom Cues, Carom Cafe/Mike Kang, and Million Dollar products, will be happy to represent such good products.

Flow Charts are now up .

Gerardo Perez and Roberto Rojas ( runners-up ), Ergun TUNA and Tae Kyu Lee ( winners )



















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