25th Annual Tournament Derby City Classic

January 19-27th – Check out the schedule and Events details.



Derby City Bigfoot 10-Ball – Is a 4 Day Event – Jan 19 thru 22

1) Joshua Filler   2) Konrad Juszczyszyn   3) Lee Van Corteza  4) Shane Van Boening

5) Naoyuki Oi     6) Roberto Gomez      7) John Morra          8) Fedor Gorst

9) Jayson Shaw  10) Corey Deuel         11) Max Eberle      12) Mieszko Fortunski

13) Max Adams   14) Jesus Atencio      15) Wiktor Zielinski   16) Alex Pagulayan

$1000 entry fee  With $16000 added by Diamond Billiard Products

Pay Out—–$32000 Total  1st      16000    2nd     8000    3rd / 4th        4000 each

Bank Pool first round complete.This years has a total of 483 players entered.

First mini tournament: Bank Pool
Tied for First Grant Berg and Zachary Wilson $600 each
Zishan Cail and Juergen Hoelgert tied for 2nd $250 each
Earl Age, Rahul Vithani, Mark Osman, Joel Pack tied for 3rd $125 each Michael Donsi,David Lee, Derek Houston, Steve Settles. Jason Beaty, Peter Lau, Richard Janes, Khan Yilmaz tied for 4th $50 each.


2024 Derby City Bank Ring Game Players

1) Justin Hall   2) Skyler Woodward   3) Billy Thorpe

4) Max Adams   5) Mike DeLawder    6) Robert Forst

$1000 entry fee

With $2000 added by Diamond Billiard Products

Pay Out—–$8000 Total

1st    5000      2nd   3000

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