Dennis Orcollo Wins Derby City 9-Ball

Dennis Orcollo Wins Derby City 9-Ball

Dennis Orcollo, playing from a field of 293 players in 12 rounds of play wins his first Derby City Main Event the 2011 9-Ball Division. In his semi-final match Dennis eliminate Mika Immonen, the 08 and 09 US Open 9-Ball Champion, 7 to 1. In the other semi-final Shane Van Boening defeats Niels Feigen in a tight hill-hill match. Dennis was still on a roll and free wheeling coming into the final against Shane, the 2009 DCC 9-Ball Champion and 07 US Open Champion. Shane had very few shots at the table with Dennis winning the match and title 7 to 1. Dennis received $16,000 for first and Shane received $8,000 for second.

2011 Master of the Table, Shane Van Boening

The All-Around Champion (Master of the Table) was named Saturday night after the 9-ball semi-final matches. Shane Van Boening, winning the One Pocket Division and by winning one of the 9-ball semi-finals (guaranteeing a minimum of 2nd place) locked down the title of Master of the Table. The runner up for Master of the table was Alex Pagulayan the winner of the Banks Division. Shane received $20,000 for Master of the Table.

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One Pocket

The South Dakota Kid – Shane Van Boening wins the 2011 DCC One Pocket tournament.

The one pocket started with a field of 317 players which all had 1 re-buy option. This was up from 233 players in 2010. Shane had eliminate the new DCC Banks Champion Alex Pagulayn, 3 to 0 in the semi-final, while Earl Strickland was dispatching Shannon Dalton in the other semi-final. The final match between Shane and Earl was a very offensive battle with very aggressive shot selection. This style of play made exciting watching as the match went hill-hill in the race to 3. Shane prevailed in the final game 8 balls to 2 to become the new DCC One Pocket champion and claim the $11,000 prize.

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