Bob Keller “Open” 3-Cushion Billiard Tournament-Final Charts and Sunday Schedule

Mazin Shooni, Winner of the Bob Keller 3-Cushion Billiard Tournament.

 Left to Right – Gary Eake,Tournament Dir. Mazin Shooni (Winner) – Bob Keller (Founder of the Billiard Club), – Dale Saunders and Bruce Venzke Tournament Dir.

FINAL 8 PLAYERS — Left to Right – Dave Gross-Tom Rossman-Jose Dela Torre-Mazin Shooni-Craig Powers (Bob Keller-Found of Billiard Club) Olegario Gonzales-Adrian Gonzales-Frank Van Den Bosch.



Check out Prelims Charts Below

Left to Right – Noel Mendoza Cue Maker Donated a Cue. Diane Gross picked out the Proud Winner Bernie Kapinos.


Paul (Professorqball) Frankel Presenting Plaque to Bob Keller Founder of the Billiard Club.


Paul (Professorqball) Frankel Presenting Plaque to Noel Mendoza (Cue Maker).




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