Amerian 14.1 Straight Pool Championship, Oct 24-29, 2022, Q Master, Virginia Beach

Mon. Oct. 24  –  Sat. Oct. 29, 2022  Q-MASTER BILLIARDS

 5612 Princess Anne Rd., Virginia Beach, VA 23462 

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Men’s 56 Player Round Robin Oct.24-27

8 Groups of 7 Players (Race to 125 )

• Top 3 from each Group qualify for the Single Elimination Stage (24 players)

• No 1 from each Group gets a bye & seeded into the Final 16

• No 2 players draw & play No 3 Players for a spot in Final 16

Mens’s Single Elimination

Top 24 players (Race to 150)

Begins Thursday Oct. 27

Men’s Semi’s & Final Sat. Oct. 29

Women’s 16 Player Event Oct.27-29

15 player Round Robin followed by Single Elimination

Women’s Semi’s & Final Sat. Oct. 29

The American 14.1 Straight Pool Championship is the premiere straight pool tournament in the world. A not-for-profit tournament now in it’s 17th year, we showcase elite players from across the globe. This year’s event will be held at the iconic Q-Master Billiards in Virginia Beach, VA Oct. 24-29, 2022.


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