Pedro Piedrabuena Wins 2022 USBA National Championship

Pedro Piedrabuena defeats Miguel Torres to win his 11th USBA 3-Cushion National Championship!

Prize fund:  2022

1st        4000

2nd       3000

3rd        2000

4th        1500

5th        1200

6th        900

7th        750

8th        600

9th to 16th      300 each

Best game in final 16       John Park  2.143

High run in final 16           John Park   13

Total Prize Money       $16,550



2022_National Prelim Charts


Left to right (back row)

Quoc Vo, Hugo Patino, Young Gul Lee, Raymon Groot, Carlos Mario Villegas, Victor Cuzzi, Frank Torres, Pedro Piedrabuena, Miguel Torres, Tyler Nguyen

Left to right (front row kneeling)

Kang Lee, Tae Kyu Lee, John Park, Joes de la Torre, Ho Ahn, Chang Pyun



Tournament Format – Qualifications – 45 Players-7 Groups of 6 or 7 Players (4 Groups of 6 Players + 3 Groups of 7 Players) Round Robin – 25 Point Matches

In the Groups of 6 Players, each player receives a BYE The BYE = a Win

Top 2 from each group advance to the next round
Plus the 2 best 3rd place finishers advance to the next round

Ranking in the Qualification Groups is based on:
W/L, Average; then if needed (Total Points, Head to Head, Points Against)

(If needed, Percentage of Points/Percentage of Points Against will be used to break tiebreaks between players who have played a different number of matches because of the unbalanced Groups) – Finals – 16 Players – Single Elimination (Knockout) 40 point matches

Playoff Matches for 3rd/4th (40 points) and 5th thru 8th (30 point matches)




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