Often Over Looked

</p>This type of shot does not have a diamond system to help the player. So it is a challenge to find the right cue ball speed and angles to get the correct trajectory to score the point. Although there are 2 or 3 other ways to attempt the shot let’s stick with this one for now. Use 1 O’clock English and strike the cue ball very hard into the tight corner, which will send the cueball almost, back to where it started. The right hand English will check it into a 90 degree angle and the ball will dive down to the short rail. The English will stay on the ball and straighten out the path to make the billiard. Plenty of practice is needed to get the feel for this shot, so let’s get going.

“George Rippe is a former billiard room proprietor and artistic billiard enthusiast,”
He can be reached at 978 975-9958

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