Winners of Scotch Doubles Allen Castillo and Ricardo Carranco

3-Cushion USA would like to thank the players for their hard work and sportsmanship. The level of play was elevated and exciting to watch, as was the special exhibit by Florian “Venom” Kohler. A special thanks to the staff: Tournament Director Ricardo Caranco, who ran two tournaments flawlessly; George Ead, who kept the balls and tables spotless; Cliff Dubay and Danny Kolacz, who set up 8 tables and lights in record time; Gary Eake for handling the memberships; Dale Saunders for his behind-the-scene chart work; and our live steam experts POV Pool. We could not have done it without our sponsors: Casino Del Sol, Gabriels, McDermott Cues, Royal Pro, Mickey Campbell and Professor-Q-Ball.

L-R  Allen Castillo and Ricardo Carranco


Scotch Doubles Preliminary Charts Below


Photo by Rick Schmitz Images (26 players)

Check out the 13 Teams Players list

  1. Tung Nguyen & Phuc Nguyen
  2. Paul Frankel & Tom Rossman
  3. Ray Tower & Bob Page
  4. Paul Feltman Sr. & Paul Feltman Jr.
  5. Craig Powers & Ramses Verlinden
  6. Ertan Tarhan & Berkay Keskin
  7. Mazin Shooni & Joe DeAmato
  8. Ricardo Carranco & Allen Castillo
  9. John Guldali  & Danny Kolackz
  10. Paul Guernsey & Tommy Thompson
  11. Jesus Corona & Guillermo Gonsalez
  12. Hector Ocampo & Mickey Campbell
  13. Vicke Pineda  &  Bilal Khalifa

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