Vincent Morris wins Tri-State at Clifton Billiards.

2015-02-16 03.57.45

Photo of the following players, from left to right:

Left:  2nd Place  Ramon Feliciano,  1st Place Vincent Morris;  right  3rd place Frankie Scanlon

Vincent Morris wins Tri-State at Clifton Billiards. Vincent’s tournament trail included wins over Kevin Scalzitti 7 – 6; Jamiyl Adams 7 – 5; Bryan Jeziorski 7 – 4; and Frankie Scanlon 7 – 5 for the Hot Seat. While Vince worked his way to the Hot Seat, Ramon was going through the loss side after a first round loss to Ada Lio 7 – 5. After 5 wins, Ramon redeemed himself against Ada 7 – 5 and went on to win 2 more and reach the Finals against Vincent Morris. During the Finals, Vince took an early lead; however, Ramon tied the match at 3 all. Vince pulled ahead 6 – 3 and again Ramon made it a match 6 apiece, but Vince pulled it out with a 7 – 6 win for the tournament.


1st         $550.00

2nd         $260.00

3rd         $160.00

4th         $100.00

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