CLIFTON NJ 10Ball-Tri State Tour

2nd Place Teddy LaPadula
1st Place Marco Daniele

10 ball would be the game and 25 players would travel to Clifton Billiard in Clifton New Jersey to play. Local New Jersey players would rule the day with Marco Daniele and Teddy LaPadula taking first and second respectfully. Marco would start his day with victories over Bianca Martinez 5-2, Sung Lee 5-1, and Anthony Nasta 5-2. He would then meet Teddy LaPadula and send him to one loss side 5-3. He would then meet Shivam Gupta in the hot seat match where a unfortunate scratch on the 9 ball would send Shivam Gupta to the one loss side and Marco Daniele to the finals.
Meanwhile Teddy LaPadula would move thru the field defeating Jason Goberdhan 5-3, Bob Toomey 5-1, and Brian Schell 5-4. After his defeat by Marco he would move to the one loss side where he would wait for Brian Schell who was moving thru the one loss side after Teddy LaPadula sent him there. The rematch would not end well for Brian though as he fell 5-2. Teddy would then defeat Paul Madonia 6-3. Shivam Gupta would be waiting and after a long battle however Teddy would end up ending Shivam’s day 8-5. Deciding to make it a early day Teddy and Marco would split leaving Marco Daniele the undefeated winner.

Place Player Cash
1st Place Marco Daniele 500
2nd Place Teddy LaPadula 250
3rd Place Shivam Gupta 160
4th Place Paul Madonia 100
5th/6th Place Dave Shlemperis 60
5th/6th Place Brian Schell 60
7th/8th Place
7th/8th Place
9th/12th Place
9th/12th Place
9th/12th Place
9th/12th Place


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