Earl Strickland wins Living Legends Challenge

Live From The Aramith/Simonis Arena!


February 23-25, 2018

The Living Legends Challenge

Mike Sigel vs. Earl Strickland

Participating in six disciplines:

8-Ball ● 9-Ball ● 10-Ball
14.1 ● Banks ● One-Pocket

Session Times 1:00pm & 7:00pm (all times are eastern)


Day 3 Winner Earl Strickland

Strickland def. Sigel             8-1        8-Ball        JB,BH     75 Minutes

Strickland def. Sigel           8-6        10-Ball      JB,BH     90 Minutes 

Strickland got serious and played fabulously.  Sigel never loosened up and lost 8-1.

 Sigel had his chances in 10-Ball and almost benefited from his efforts, but just didn’t have enough in him to pull out the win.

Strickland is the 2018 Living Legends Challenge champion!

Results for day 2:

Strickland def Sigel   4-2               Banks                 JB,BH     90 Minutes

Sigel def. Strickland   3-1               One-Pocket         JB,BH     60 Minutes

Sigel def. Strickland   3-2               One-Pocket         JB,BH     80 Minutes

Sigel def. Strickland   125-123         Straight Pool         JB,BH     120 Minutes

Earl was aggressive and accurate. To his credit, Mike won several racks by playing well. Despite that, Earl was the powerhouse.

After losing the first five of six disciplines, this was Mike’s chance to salvage something. He outplayed Earl and won convincingly 3-1.

By being behind after six sessions, Mike was allowed to choose the next discipline. He took advantage of his only win by choosing One-Pocket as his next selection. As it turned out, it was very competitive and Mike out edged Earl 3-2.

Straight Pool was Sigel’s next selection as he had the choice of disciplines because he still trailed in sets 2-5. This match could have gone either way countless times. Strickland ran 97 and Sigel ran about 60, but the wheels fell off both of them and it was a wonder if either one would win. Sigel struggled to the last ball

Tomorrow at 1PM, Sigel chose 8-Ball as the next discipline. Regardless of that outcome, Sigel will get to choose the next discipline.

Results for day 1:

Aramith/Simonis Arena, John Bender and Bill Hendrixson commentating, Sandcastle Billiards, Edison, NJ

  1. Strickland def. Sigel     8-2                   75Min   8-Ball
  2. Strickland def. Sigel    8-7                     113Min   10-Ball
  3. Strickland def. Sigel     125-7                 65Min   Straight Pool
  4. Strickland def. Sigel     8-3                   60Min   9-Ball
  5. Forget the score! The show was the chatter. Clearly Earl looked in form as Sigel struggled. Earl competes and practices regularly while Mike tried to get ready for this challenge match and it showed as Earl dominated the 8-Ball match.
  6. The 10-Ball match started out similarly, but a Strickland skid on game ball changed things including a swelling confidence from Sigel. It ended up a squeaker as Mike tied it up at 7-7 yet Earl closed it out at 8-7. Again, the players mic’d made it a blast.
  7. Straight Pool was the game that all thought Mike had his best chance at turning the tables on Earl. Well, it didn’t turn out that way. Mike couldn’t get started and when a nice break finally came his way, he had no easy shot. Earl took advantage of every inning with runs several racks long and left Mike at 7.
  8. The last session of the day was Mike’s chance to redeem himself, but his confidence level never rose to the occasion so he never was a threat and lost 8-3.




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