(February 18, 2016) – Exciting news – the rumor that a new nationwide billiards tour is about to launch is true! The North American Pool Tour (NAPT) has hit the billiard scene.

The NAPT, which plans to cater to more seasoned players, will also emphasize developing up and coming players as well. The first few events for women will be announced soon with plans to expand the program to men and junior events 

Currently, the NAPT is comprised of established regional tours with an estimated 400 female players nationwide. “We pooled our knowledge and skill together to start something new for our players. From there, it expanded into the NAPT.” said Adrianne Beach, NAPT President.  “Our goal is to offer more opportunities for all players at all levels throughout North America.”

The NAPT is committed to providing an open forum for players of all levels to participate and compete by providing opportunities to play in tournaments at both the regional and national levels, while striving to expand the sport of billiards within North America. If you are interested in starting a regional tour or need more information, please contact us and/or visit the NAPT website at

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