Derby City Classic -Winners of Ring Game, 9-Ball Banks, One Pocket & “Big Foot” 10 Ball, Straight Pool, 9-Ball

Alex take the lead and with a 9 to 6 win becoming the 2013 9 Ball Champion.  Francisco Bustamante

Max Eberle, wins Straight Pool

Day 9, the final day, of the Derby City Classic saw Max Eberle crowned the 2013 Straight Pool Champion. Max defeated Niels Feijen in the Semi-Final and Dennis Orcollo in the final.


Dennis Orcollo -“Big Foot” 10 Ball

Day eight of the 15th Derby City Classic saw the completion of the “Big Foot” 10 Ball event.  Ronnie Alcano and Johnny Archer eliminated but each going home with $5,000. The final was Niels Feijen versus Dennis Orcollo. Niels would take and early lead but see it disappear as Dennis came charging back it what looked to be blow out match. But Niels kept grinding it out but came up short at 9 to 11. Dennis Orcollo wins the first “Big Foot” 10 Ball and takes home the $20,000 prize money. Niels Feijen takes second and the $10,000.

Corey Duel – One Pocket

Photo’s and results by Ricky Bryant

Thursday was the fifth and final day of the One Pocket competition and would come down to three players.  Francisco Bustamante who had won the 9-Ball Banks on Monday, Shane VanBoening, going for a three-peat and Corey Duel who was the only player with a re-buy.

The first semi-final would have Corey playing Shane and Bustamante with a bye. After a very long first game, going almost one and a half hours, Shane would take the lead 1 to 0. Corey winning the second game would tie the match at 1 to 1. But Shane would take the next two games to give Corey his first loss and setting up a re-draw for a second Semi-Final.

The re-draw would give Corey the bye and the first spot in the finals. Francisco Bustamante would play Shane VanBoening for the final spot in the final.  The long match with Corey seemed to take a toll on Shane who was eliminated in Third by Bustamante, 3 to 0.

The final was all Corey winning the in three games 8 to 0, 8 to 3 and 8 to 0 over Francisco Bustamante.

The second place finish for Bustamante coupled with his win the 9-Ball Banks and continued play in 9 ball guarantees him the All Around Championship.


Francisco Bustamante wins 9-Bank

Day 4 of the 15th Derby City Classic would see the 9-Ball Banks come down to three great players.  Shannon Murphy with the only re-buy, Justin Hall winner of the 2012 Southern Classic 9-Ball Banks and Hall of Famer Francisco Bustamante. The first semi-final would be Murphy playing Bustamante.  Bustamante would win to give Murphy his first loss in the tournament.  The next round would have Murphy playing Hall to see who would meet Bustamante in the finals. On this night Hall would eliminate Murphy in third place to move to the finals.

Bustamante came out firing to take an early lead 2 to 0 and get on the hill. But Hall was not done taking game 3. In the fourth rack Hill had the misfortune of scratching and owing a ball.  But he made up the difference to get ahead three balls to two. A miss by Hall gave Bustamante an opening and he took control to close out the match 3 to 1 and claim the 2013 9-Ball Banks Championship.


Reported by Ricky Bryant

Justin Hall – Ring Game

Photo’s  By Ricky Bryant

The Ring Game is six players with $1000 buy in and 10 balls on the table. Each player has 20 chips worth $50 each. In the first three racks each ball is worth $50, then increases in the next two racks to $100 and goes up $100 every 2 racks until one player has all the chips. There is a draw for shooting order at each increase. The six players for 2013 were, Shannon Daulton, John Brumback, Brian Groce, Shannon Murphy, Justin Hall and John Morra. After six racks and the ball value at $200 there were two players remaining. John Morra, 2012 Derby City 9-Ball Banks Champion, playing Justin Hall, 2012 Southern Classic 9-Ball Banks Champion.  Going into the 8th rack the ball value increased to $300 and the players were close to even in chips. But after some great play by both players Justin Hall was holding all the chips and the $6000.




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