Day 7 are completed at the 15th Derby City Classic

“Big Foot” Ten Ball Final is set with Dennis Orcollo eliminating Johnny Archer and Niels Feijen dispatching Ronnie Alcano.  Archer and Alcano will go home with $5000. Later tonight from the Accu-Stats arena Orcollo and Feijen will faceoff to see which one gets the $20,000 first place or the $10,000 second place money.   Time to be determined by the other matches and will be announced on Accu-Stats.

Reported by: Ricky Bryant


Corey Duel wins One Pocket

Thursday was the fifth and final day of the One Pocket competition and would come down to three players.  Francisco Bustamante who had won the 9-Ball Banks on Monday, Shane VanBoening, going for a three-peat and Corey Duel who was the only player with a re-buy.

The first semi-final would have Corey playing Shane and Bustamante with a bye. After a very long first game, going almost one and a half hours, Shane would take the lead 1 to 0. Corey winning the second game would tie the match at 1 to 1. But Shane would take the next two games to give Corey his first loss and setting up a re-draw for a second Semi-Final.

The re-draw would give Corey the bye and the first spot in the finals. Francisco Bustamante would play Shane VanBoening for the final spot in the final.  The long match with Corey seemed to take a toll on Shane who was eliminated in Third by Bustamante, 3 to 0.

The final was all Corey winning the in three games 8 to 0, 8 to 3 and 8 to 0 over Francisco Bustamante.

The second place finish for Bustamante coupled with his win the 9-Ball Banks and continued play in 9 ball guarantees him the All Around Championship.

Shane Van Boening

6 Day are completed at the 15th Derby City Classic

After four days of play and nine rounds of play the One Pocket competition is down to 8 players. Three players still have re-buys, Francisco Bustamante, Benny Conway and Corey Deuel. The raining 2012 Champion Shane Van Boening and the remaining four other players, Darren Appleton, Joseph Gray, Danny Harriman and Sylver Ocho have one loss. The finials for the One Pocket are Thursday nigh, streamed PPV by Accu-Stats.

Wednesday was the start of the nine ball with a field of 285 playes which completed one full round of play.

The “Big Foot” Ten Ball completed second round of 16 players trimming the filed to the final 8 players who are all in the MONEY! The final eight players that will face off on Thursday are Alex Pagulayan vs Dennis Orcollo, Johnny Archer vs Thorsten Hohmann, Niels Feien vs Shane VanBoening and Ronnie Alcano vs Stuart Pettman.  Matches are scheduled for 2 PM and 6 PM Eastern Time. Times are subject to change dependent on the One Pocket and 9 Ball matches. The four matches will be FREE Streamed by either Big Truck or Inside Pool.

Reported by: Ricky Bryant


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