TQ-Ball Training wheels for Young Players

When our grandchildren were very young, they would sit on our pool table and roll the pool balls. They loved the sound as the balls hit together, and would clap their hands and laugh with excitement when a ball went into a pocket. As they grew older, they stood on the side of the table, seeing who could roll the balls into the pockets. After watching their Papa (my husband, Sam) play pool one day, they decided that they wanted to be just like him. They got a pool cue from the rack and almost made it to the pool table before they were stopped. Papa told them “You’re not ready to play with the pool cue. You could tear the cloth.” They sadly put the pool cue back in the rack and left the table.

6 Year old Hailey Cook,

playing pool at Nana and Papa’s house.

When small children learn to ride a bicycle, training wheels help them maintain their balance. When they can both ride and balance on their own, the training wheels are removed and the child rides the bicycle unassisted, feeling very proud and” grown up.” This feeling of achievement is so important to child, and serves to help develop self-confidence to conquer and overcome life challenges that will follow.

The TQ-Ball attached to a pool cue serves the same purpose as training wheel son a bicycle, or a T Ball stand in Little League baseball. TQ-Ball serves as a temporary learning tool. With it, young children and physically handicapped players can play “real” pool safely, without the fear of torn cloth. The Patent Pending TQ-Ball has the unique feature of being a removable cue ball. When the player’s skill level develops, simply remove the TQ-Ball, and replace it with the removable cue tip! Now the player is ready to continue playing, without the need to purchase another pool cue.

TQ-Ball is great for people of all ages and circumstance; from small children and physically handicapped individuals, to adults who are just learning. But, that’s not all. I am the wife of a pool player, and I have never really been able to play well. (Maybe I have been a bit intimidated by my husband’s skill?) I love playing pool when I use the TQ-Ball! Whether I play with my husband Sam or our grandchildren, with TQ-Ball, the playing field has been leveled. Because the TQ-Ball makes it much easier to see the contact point on the object ball and the aim point on the opposing rail for a bank shot. The most important thing of all, I’m not an outsider just watching anymore. I’m playing pool, even winning sometimes, and enjoying the game too, just as my grandchildren are! We are able to use family time around the pool table to teach our grandchildren about colors, numbers, math, life, pool skills, and good sportsmanship whether they win or lose.

Ethan Self ponders his next shot

When our children and grandchildren come to visit, we gather at the pool table, choose teams and have contests. Sometimes, it’s parent and child vs. parent and child; other times it’s the kids against the adults or kids against kids. Just like our family, TQ-Ball provides an opportunity for families and friends to play pool together, whether at home, or in billiard halls. We find that owners of billiard establishments welcome children who play on their pool tables with the TQ-Ball, because there is absolutely no risk of the cloth being torn, and they agree that it’s also good for business when families and friends play pool together!

With our current economic climate, families are looking for activities that are inexpensive, and that bring their families together. TQ-Ball does that and more! Unlike electronic games or going to a movie.



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