” ABP International Pro Rankings : Dechaine, Van Boening, Hundal Lead Points”

” ABP International Pro Rankings : Dechaine, Van Boening, Hundal Lead Points”

Chicago, Illinois-  The Association of Billiard Professionals is pleased to announce the updated rankings for the ABP. Currently USA’s Mike Dechaine of Maine leads the USA men’s pro tour. Last year’s #1 ranked Shane Van Boening of South Dakota, USA is in close second place and India’s Raj Hundal is in third place being the highest ranked Indian in pool history thus far.  Stevie Moore, Dennis Hatch, Brandon Shuff, Shawn Putnam, and Corey Deuel round out the top 8.

The ABP Rankings are the official rankings of the only pro players association in the world led by the sport’s leading professional players with an 11 man board and ABP Attorney & General Counsel Dennis Walsh. The ABP Rankings were developed and are maintained by ABP Associate Joel Pope.  The rankings format is designed using elements of successful sports such as golf and tennis. Mr.Pope formerly held a senior executive position with Fortune 500 company Starwood Hotels.  Starwood Hotels  owns Sheraton, Westin, W Hotels and is 145,000 employees strong.

“The ABP has eliminated the former ranking element used where it allows a player to “drop” an event from the ranking calculation. Allowing a player to “dump” a bad performance, that very concept is contrary to why you have ranking systems. The ranking system tracks the players’ performance across a number of venues and calculates how the players’ overall performance compares. The ABP ranking system takes into consideration the fan, promoter and player’s perspectives in order to best grow the sport”, explains Pope.

“Joel is one of the most intelligent men I’ve met. He has done an enormous amount of research and studies into worldwide sports rankings and the ABP is completely behind his developed system”, said Rodney Morris, Vice-president of the ABP.

The Current Top 16 Ranked who will be seeded for the next ABP Event

  1. Mike Dechaine USA
  2. Shane Van Boening  USA
  3. Raj Hundal IND
  4. Stevie Moore USA
  5. Dennis Hatch USA
  6. Brandon Shuff USA
  7. Shawn Putnam  USA
  8. Corey Deuel  USA
  9. Darren Appleton ENG
  10. Mike Davis USA
  11. Dennis Orcullo PHL
  12. Oscar Dominguez USA
  13. Mika Immonen FIN
  14. Jeremy Sossei USA
  15. Rodney Morris USA
  16. Johnny Archer USA

In 2012-2013, the ABP plans to sanction more events and in that regard will be further utilizing the ABP International Ranking Point System. The ABP will also be using the ABP Rules & Format which it hopes will standardize the sport further. The planned integration will be a process, and the ABP is not expecting an overnight change, and is ready to work with promoters and associations to take time to integrate these needed changes into our sport.


“Instead of having just 4 events on the pro calendar, we can now reach 7 this year. And by next year we believe we can reach 10-12 events with each promoter having a real plan and help to reach more added money. Now we can have a real tour”, said Johnny Archer, President of the ABP.

The ABP will also be modifying its sanctioning guidelines to assist promoters and events to build their tournaments to higher levels. In a realistic point of view due to the US economy, promoters are not able to always meet $25,000 added minimal purses. The ABP desires to help promoters grow their events by giving them a base opportunity to grow each year with a system that requires growth but at the same time assists it.

The ABP is a united assembly of international professional billiard players. The ABP was formed to be the voice of players worldwide in order to assist in tournament and industry challenges. ABP directives include standardizing equipment, rules, ensuring the timely payment of prize money, assisting promoters and sponsors, and the overall protection and security of professional players. The ABP works to improve the sport of billiards and jointly works with associations, promoters, sponsors and players alike in the joint goal of growing the sport and providing security to all involved. Membership of the ABP includes players from Europe, Asia, and the United States. To join and support the ABP,  e-mail abppropool@gmail.com . Follow and support ABP at http://www.facebook.com/ABPpros


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