Southern Classic Wednesday Update:

Alex Pagulayan racking on a 10 ft table

Southern Classic Wednesday Update:

The Diamond Tunica 10-Ball Challenge started with 16 players and after one full round is down to 8. The Johnny Archer defeated Stevie Moore in a Hill-Hill match on the first night and on the second night fans were treated to another Hill-Hill match between Earl Strickland and Shane Van Boening with Earl taking the win. The following is the first round

Charlie Bryant defeated David Gutierrez

Johnny Archer defeated Stevie Moore

Dennis Orcolo defeated Brandon Shuff

Phil Burford defeated Max Eberle

Ales Pagulayan defeated Darren Appleton

Jeremy Jones defeated Robb Saez

Earl Strickland defeated Shane Van Boening

Landon Shuffett defeated John Morra

Landon Shuffett

Tonight in Round two of the single elimination event the matchups are:

Charlie Bryant vs Johnny Archer

Dennis Orcolo vs Phil Burford

Alex Pagulayan vs Jeremy Jones

Earl Strickland vs Landon Shuffett


Today will be the finials of the One Pocket and the second day of the 9 ball computation as well as the first day of the Artistic Pool Championship.

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