USBA 3-Cushion Nationals Back At The Tropicana Las Vegas.


USBA 3-Cushion Nationals Back At The 

Tropicana Las Vegas.

 Once again players from across the country will showcase their skills at one of the most challenging cue disciplines in the world when the United States Billiard Association (USBA) and Professor-Q-Ball promotions brings its 3-Cushion National Championships back to the neon lights of Tropicana Las Vegas, on May 6-10 , 2012.

We are also proud to announce that Gabriels is now the title table sponsor of USBA Nationals. The Nationals will be played on 8 brand-new, Gabriel’s Elements carom tables specially designed for championship play.

According to Andy Janquitto, the President of the USBA, returning to the Tropicana enables the USBA to hold its feature event in a destination city and allows the USBA to expose the game of carom billiards to pool and snooker players.  Janquitto thanked Gabriels, the ACS, Professor-Q-Ball and the Tropicana for the opportunity.


2012 Nationals Format

This year’s Nationals format is based on 48 to 56 players:


The players will be placed in flights of 6 to 8 players. Each flight will play a round robin with games to 25 points.

20 players will advance to semi-finals.

If there are 6 flights, the top 3 from each flight plus 2 wild-card 3rd-place finishers advance. If there are 8 flights, the top 2 players from each flight along with 4 wild-card 3rd-place finishers advance.


4 flights of 5 players will play a round robin with games to 30 points.

Top 2 players from each flight advance to finals.


The 8 finalists will be placed into a championship bracket based on their performances during the semi-finals. The 8 players will play a single elimination champions with consolation brackets for third through eighth places. Each game will be to 35 points.

Play begins on Sunday, May 6. The semi-finals will be held on Wednesday, May 9, and the finals will be conducted on Thursday, May 10.

Players List:
Top 4 Finishers of the 2011 Nationals:

1) Pedro Piedrabuena- 2011 USBA Champion
2) Hugo Patino- 2011 Nationals Runner-up
3) Frank Torres – 2011 Nationals 3rd place finisher
4) Miguel Torres – 2011 Nationals 4th place finisher

Players Who Have Qualified for the 2012 Nationals:

5) Lupe Cruz – Marshalltown, IA Qualifier
6) Fred Lamers – Marshalltown, IA Qualifier
7) Jim Henrickson – Tacoma, WA Qualifier
8) Mark Hansen – Tacoma, WA Qualifier
9) Ramses Verlinden – Tacoma, WA Qualifier
10) Joe DeAmato – Peabody, MA Qualifier
11) Khalil Diab – Chico, CA Qualifier
12) Mazin Shooni – Louisville, KY Qualifier
13) Gilbert Najm – Louisville, KY Qualifier
14) Jim Shovak – Louisville, KY Qualifier
15) Dan Kolacz – Louisville, KY Qualifier
16) Jim Bishop – Louisville, KY Qualifier
17) Jamil Isreal – Commerce Twp, MI Qualifier
18) Michael Kang – Flushing, NY Qualifier
19) Sonny Cho – Flushing, NY Qualifier
20) Victor Cuzzi – Doral, FL Qualifier
21) Antonio Rivera – Watsonville, CA Qualifier
22) Jae Hyung Cho – Savannah, GA Qualifier
23) Thanh Vu – Houston, TX Qualifier
24) Cesar Cardoza – Milpitas, CA Qualifier

The Qualifiers are now officially closed.

Other Players:

25) Chris O’Brien
26) Larry Hundley
27) Gary Cohen
28) Raye Raskin
29) Gary Eake
30) Tommy Thomsen
31) Bob Tracy
32) Bassel Elshaar
33) Tom Rossman
34) Ellis Lawrence
35) Eric Hughes
36) Tony Ferrara
37) Robert Ferrara
38) Jim Watson
39) Dung Nguyen
40) Phuc Le
41) Doug Deitel
42) Paul Frankel
43) Homero Landa
44) Bob Page
45) Gary Elias
46) Peter Banyai
47) Spencer Winston
48) Rich Kuchma
49) Carlos Bazo
50) William Kim
51) Allen Castillo

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