3-Cushion Savannah Qualifier

We started by playing two games Friday night, continuing Saturday morning at 10am, until about 11:30 pm, when we finished he preliminaries. Sunday morning we played a four man round robin to decide the winners of the finals.

Early in the preliminaries, Johnny “Dozens” Shepherd made good play against Mercedes. Scoring 13 points for his best game. The next best contender against Mercedes was Sergio Hernandez scoring 16 for his only loss in the Prelims. This left the Clubs flight of five players ending with 1st Mercedes, 2nd Sergio Hernandez, 3rd Eric Salles, 4th Johnny Shepherd, 5th Dean Harrell with one game forfiet.

In the Hearts flight Jae Cho dominated the field with zero losses. Hugo put up the best fight against Jae with 12 points, which was his only loss. There were many good matches including Chris O’Brien and Andy Janquitto, which could have gone either way near the end.

Joe and Southside Billiards took good care of the players and provided plenty of space for uninterupted play.

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