The 12 annual Laurel Highlands Pa. State TAP Masters

The 12 annual Pa. State TAP Masters tournament was held at the Cooperstown Vets in Derry, Pa. The event ran from February 10-13th, 2011 with 60 teams competing in the main event. There were another 9 teams competing in a smaller 2nd chance event on Sunday.
This was the first time this event was held at the “Coop” and the players loved the location. Tables and table lighting, food and drink prices were all great and much appreciated by the participants. A fantastic Bose sound system in the less then one year old facility made play a very enjoyable experience for all the entire weekend.
The June Pa. State Titleholder and August nationals playoff tournaments look to be a even better events for the players with both the TAP and the Vets staff working together to make the necessary improvements for all future Titelholders. Already in the planning stages are chicken and pig barbeques and bands in their outside pavilion for the two summer events.

Both championship board final teams decided to split the purse due to a long weekend and time constraints. A total of $12,500 was in the prize fund.

Below in order…..Photo 1 ..5th Ave -Sam’s Kids…Photo 2…Great Escape…Photo 3..Stock’s with the Morgan Cup.. Photo for the Keystone Woodpeckers unavailable

Results of the event are

Championship bracket

Stock’s and Great Escape….$6,000
Point Pub…$500
Chokin Dogz…$500

2nd Bracket

Keystone Woodpeckers and 5th Ave. – Sam’s Kids…$3,000
Johnny’s Wife;s Place…$450
Olde Kegg-KZ…$450

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