USBA Open Tournament

2010 USBA Tour

December 17-19, 2010

Edgie’s Billiards, Milpitas, CA

Jae Hyung Cho Wins  at Edgie’s

2010 USBA TOUR “Open”

Number of Players: 24

Format: 3 groups of 8
Top 3 from each go to finals +
2 auctions & 1 lottery.

Finals: 2 groups of 6
Top 2 from each group play single elimination

Negro Torres paid $450 for an auction spot in the finals and gave the spot to Antonio Rivera. Eduardo Gomez also paid $450 for an auction spot in the finals. Jose J. Rodriguez won the lottery but was already in the finals. He auctioned it off to Jim Shovak for $475. Jose J. Rodriguez took $100 of that money and generously made a donation to the USBA TOUR. Thank you, Jose, for your extreme generosity.

Carlos Palafox (2nd), Jae Hyung Cho (1st), Vicky Pineda (3rd), Ricardo Carranco (4th)web

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