2009 Wisconsin ACS State Championships (American CueSports Alliance)

2009 Wisconsin ACS State Championships
(American CueSports Alliance)

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November 5-8
Sunset Bowl – Waukesha, WI
Final Results
$7,100 Total Prize Fund
$1,850 Added Money
38 Teams and 63 Singles

The first annual ACS Wisconsin State 8-ball Tournament was held on November 5-8, 2009 at Flannagan’s and Sporties Bar inside Sunset Bowl, Waukesha, WI. There was a promising turnout for the inaugural event with 38 teams, 63 singles players, and a total of $7,100.00 in prize money.

Flannagan’s and Sporties Bar were gracious hosts, providing $750 in added money, 14 Diamond tables, great food and an excellent staff.

The event featured a new handicapping format. Players are assigned points based on their current rank (B=10 pts, A=20 pts, AA=30 pts, Master=40 pts), and the three-person team is placed in either the upper or lower division based on the team’s total points. This allows any combination of ranked players to play on the same team.

For instance, two B players at 10 pts each, and one AA player at 30 pts, are assigned to the lower division with a total of 50 pts. This system allows players more flexibility when forming teams. The tournament organizers and players found this format worked very well, since a majority of the team matches went hill-hill, which made for exciting and competitive play.

Players with at least two weeks of play in any ACS sanctioned league throughout Wisconsin were eligible to compete.

The next major event is the ACS Midwest 8-ball Tournament held on January 21-24 at Riverside Casino, Iowa, featuring $10,000 in added prize money. Players will need at least four weeks of play to participate.

ACS sanction fees are $10 per player per year, and it’s not too late to sanction your league for the ACS Midwest event. Contact American Cuesports Alliance at 920-662-1705 info@americancuesports.org or visit www.americancuesports.org for information about sanctioning your league and upcoming ACS events.

Men’s Master/AA 8-Ball Singles
12 x $40 = $480 + $250 added = $730 total prize fund
1st Rico Torres [AA] (Dousman, WI) $360 + Trophy
2nd Ray Skenandore [AA] (Oneida, WI) $200
3rd Victor Martinez [Master] (Waukesha, WI) $120
4th Mike Frisch [AA] (New Berlin, WI) $50

FINALS RESULTS: “AA” rated player Rico Torres (Dousman, WI) defended his hot-seat position in the finals to clip fellow “AA” player Ray Skenandore (Oneida, WI) on the hill of the first set 4-3 for the Men’s “Master/AA” Singles title.

Women’s Master/ A Singles
7 x $30 + $200 added = $410 total prize fund
1st Kelly Birmingham [AA] (West Allis, WI) $250 + Trophy
2nd Jennifer Pedek [A] (Waukesha, WI) $125
3rd Bonnie Hunkins [Master] (Eagle, WI) $35

FINALS RESULTS: Undefeated “A” player Kelly Birmingham (West Allis, WI) dominated her “A”-rated opponent – Waukesha’s Jennifer Pedek – in the first set 4-0 for the Women’s “Master/A” Singles title.
Men’s A/B 8-Ball Singles
36 x $30 = $1,080 + $200 added = $1,280 total prize fund
1st Lee Cornelius [A] (Oneida, WI) $500 + Trophy
2nd Adam Jutz [B] (Waukesha, WI) $280
3rd John Gonzales [A] (Wauwatosa, WI) $150
4th Bud Radtke [B] (Muskego, WI) $100
5-6th Keith Hunkins [B] (Waukesha, WI) $75
Tim Quigley [B] (Waukesha, WI)
7-8th Greg Rintelman [A] (Ashippun, WI) $50
John Feuerstein [A] (Milwaukee, WI)

FINALS RESULTS: Undefeated “A” player Lee Cornelius (Oneida, WI) spotted his “B” player opponent one game and subdued Waukesha’s Adam Jutz in the first set 4-1 for the Men’s “A/B” Singles title.

Women’s B 8-Ball Singles
8 x $120 = $160 + $200 added = $360 total prize fund
1st Debbie Lancour (West Allis) $200 + Trophy
2nd Jackie McLeod (Muskego, WI) $120
3rd Tina Zieher (Waukesha, WI) $40

FINALS RESULTS: Undefeated Jackie McLeod (Muskego, WI) succumbed to her teammate Debbie Lancour (West Allis, WI) in two sets 3-1, 3-1 for Lancour’s first Women’s “B” Singles title.

Men’s Upper Division Teams
5 x $120 = $600 + $250 added = $850 total prize fund
1st O Town [80] (Oneida, WI) $550 + Trophies
2nd JAB [110] (Waukesha, WI) $300

FINALS RESULTS: Undefeated “O Town” [Captain Roy Skenandore, Ray Skenandore, and Lee Cornelius – rated an 80 on the handicapping system used] held off the higher-rated and once-defeated “JAB” [Captain Brad Stocks, Andy Friberg and Jeff Fournier – rated a 110] on the hill 8-10 for the Men’s Upper Division Team title.

Women’s Upper Division Teams
3 x $90 = $270 + $350 added = $620 total prize fund
1st Travelers [70] (Southeast, WI) $520 + Trophies
2nd Cue Club Cra-Zs [60] (Southeast, WI) $100

FINALS RESULTS: Once-defeated “Travelers” [Captain Kelly Birmingham, Carmen Broncatti, Debbie Kuring and Joyce Barbin – rated a 70 on the handicapping system used] spotted one game per set and double-dipped undefeated “Cue Club Cra-Zs” [Captain Jean Mathews, T.J. Meyers-Jansky and Jill Nickel – rated a 60] 7-4, 7-2 for the Women’s Upper Division Team title.

Men’s Lower Division Teams
21 x $90 = $1,890 + $200 added = $2,090 total prize fund
1st Flanagan’s Pyse [55] (Waukesha, WI) $850 + Trophies
2nd Donkey Punchers [50] (Muskego, WI) $540
3rd Notorius Motosports Young Guns [50] (Waukesha, WI) $300
4th Stun Shots [50] (West Allis, WI) $200
5-6th Master Z’s Woodley [60] (Southeast, WI) $100
Harbor Hills [50] (Port Washington, WI)

FINALS RESULTS: “Flanagan’s Pyse” [Captain Kacey Pyse, Mike Frisch and Jamie Kasten – rated a 55 on the handicapping system used] took two sets from the A-side finalist “Donkey Punchers” [Captain Bud Radtke, Jeff Hollman, Jim Birkenheier and Mike Lancour – rated a 60] 11-8 and 11-10 for the Men’s Lower Division Team title.

Women’s Lower Division Teams
9 x $60 = $540 + $200 added = $760 total prize fund
1st Flanagan’s #1 [50] (Waukesha, WI) $400 + Trophies
2nd Chalk Dirty To Me [30] (Southeast, WI) $240
3rd Cue Club #1 [40] (Waukesha, WI) $100

FINALS RESULTS: Undefeated “Flanagan’s #1″ [Captain Patti Hellman, Lori Hale and Carrie Valentine – rated a 60 on the handicapping system used] clipped once-defeated “Chalk Dirty To Me” [Captain Jill Whiting, Jackie McLeod and Debbie Lancour – rated a 30] on the hill 12-5 for the Women’s Lower Division Team title.

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