The Monk – We don’t always lose because we choke

We don’t always lose because we choke

Often times we find ourselves getting tired after several rounds of competition and this cause our stroke to be tentative. We miss shots we know we can make and right away we think we have choked or are just not cut out to be a champion. This is not true. When you are tired you are not able to deliver that crisp stroke most shots call for. The game of nine ball calls for total concentration on the shot at hand. If you are not alert, you cannot concentrate and thus, your stroke will be slightly off. I have a cure for this, at least to get you through the match you are playing. Sometimes when you survive a match like this where you are tired, you get your second wind and go on to play very well.

Go to the sound technique

In The Masters program I teach my students to listen to the sound of a good stroke. In other words, “what would it sound like if I made this shot and got favorable position on the next ball?” Then lean over and duplicate that sound in your mind. It really works. I was facing a real tough “Four Ball Exercise” shot in a tournament and I knew I was not going to make it. So I leaned over and said to my self, “What would it sound like if I made this shot and sent the cue ball to the other side of the table for position on the nine ball?” I answered my question by delivering a nice clear crisp stroke and finished my run out for the win.

If you get tired in a tournament and bomb out don’t attribute this to choking. You are not a choker. If you were, you would not have entered the tournament. Stay in shape. Use the tools you have and be ready to take your rightful place in the winner’s circle.

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