Bogotá 2024: the 200th World Cup. Quyet Chien Tran wins his third World Cup.

Bogotá, March 4th 2024.

Vietnam, they say, is the most optimistic country in the world. At times, Quyet Chien Tran needed that quality. He went through the eye of the needle once or twice, but at the end of the day he held his third World Cup trophy. For Sameh Sidhom there was a third career silver medal. 

If a match goes to 50 and the score board says 41 – 41, you know either player could win. It was Tran who got to 49 – 43 but he missed match point by a hair. Making seven was too big an ask for Sidhom, and Tran could finish in the next inning. 

Spanish and Colombian hopes ended in the semifinal between Morales and Sidhom. Morales worked hard but the pressure was on his face and he could not get a high run on the board. The more relaxed Egyptian certainly deserved the win: 50 – 34 in 30/29. 

Glenn Hofman, in his second consecutive World Cup semifinal, had a poor start against Tran. The Vietnamese had such a big lead (39 – 12) that he could afford to completely lose it for a handful of innings. Hofman’s try at a comeback was too little, too late: 50 – 35 in 27. 

Tran previously won in Ho Chi Minh city (2018) and in Porto (2023). His style of play is incredibly precise, very focused on position play. He is even willing to take risks, in order to place the balls favorably. Sidhom is known for his fluency, quick decisions and good temperament. His past five or six seasons have brought him to the summit of the game: he can win tournaments. 

 With two non-seeded players in the semifinals, it was once again obvious that nobody is safe in modern 3-cushion.

The highest average in Bogotá was, unsurprisingly, played by Dick Jaspers: 2.352. 

The best match was also played by Jaspers: 40 in 10. 

The tournament high run was made by Tolgahan Kiraz: 17. 

The main event average (last 32) was 1.428.  


Full results are available on the UMB and Five & Six websites.

The next World Cup, number 201, will be played in May, in Ho Chi Minh City. 

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