Sharm El Sheikh World Cup Dick Jaspers wins again in the red sea.

Sharm El Sheikh , December 9th 2023.

Dick Jaspers wins again.

Kim Jun Tae runner-up and Glenn Hoffman and Tolgahan Kiraz on the podium for the first time.

The semi-finals played today in Sharm El Sheik were very different, in the first a great battle developed between the Dutchman Glenn Hoffman and the Korean player Kim Jun Tae, the match was even and very tough as usually happens in this round reserved for the privileged , both players had a chance to win the match that Kim Jun Tae finally won with a score of 50 – 48 in 38 innings.

The second semi-final was clearly Dick Jaspers who reacted quickly to a great start from Tolgahan Kiraz who put distance in the first innings, with a solid game and great confidence. Dick first caught up with Kiraz and then easily reached his place in the final 40 -28 in 16 innings.

The final was once again an exhibition by Dick Jaspers who scored a 2.00 match average, winning despite the resistance of Kim Jun Tae by 50 – 35 in 25 innings. With this result Dick scores a new World Cup and there are already 29 in his history and also the title of winner of the World Cup series in 2023.

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