Shooter’s Family Billiards to play 9 ball

37 players came out to Shooter’s Family Billiards to play 9 ball on a cold icy day. Jan Mierzwa after a long day would split with tour regular Jaydev Zaveri and take the trophy home undefeated.

   Jan would start his day moving thru the winners side bracket with victories over Julian Tierney 7-6, Dave Callaghan 7-4, Tae Chang 7-5, and then meet for the first time Jaydev Zaveri and send him to the one loss side 7-5.  He would then match  up with up and coming junior played Aiden Wagner and would defeat him 7-6. He would then play what would be his last match of the day Kervens Francois 7-4.

   Jaydev Zaveri would then on the one loss side face Mikhail Kim 7-4, Nick Torraca 7-3, Aiden Wagner 7-4. He would then start as marathon 29 games over the next two sets defeating Ty Classen 8-7 and Kervens Francois 8-6.

 As the morning was closer than the night before Jan and Jaydev would end the tournament with a handshake and a smile.


Left to Right

2nd Place Jaydev Zaveri  – 1st Jan Mierzwa

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