The Lucasi Hybrid NEW England 9 ball Series

Jeremy sossie goes undefeated at the
The Lucasi Hybrid NEW England 9 ball Series  drew 68 players for the tours Championship.
Here were some of the notables that were on attendance
Ultimate 10 ball champion Mike the fireball Dechaine, Tom D alfonso, Jeremy sossie
Gareth Steele Ivo petrov Rich Minichello, joey Korsiac  tim perry.
this was the strongest event i have seen in this area in a long time.
format race to your handicap alternating break using magic racks.
quarter final matches    Jeremy Sossie  vs Adam V the race was 12-4 race Jeremy put a clinic on on this race by winning by the score of 12-2
other quarter final match was Mike the Fireball Dechaine  vs Dennis Daniels the race was a 12-5 match this match was a barn burner Dennis won the first 3 games, mike would win the next 8 games and Dennis won the next game and to put him self on the hill. mike would win the next 3 games to make it double hill. it would be mikes break and he came up dry Dennis made a few balls then missed. mike got to the table with 5 balls left he would over stroke the 5 ball and got bad on the 6 and he had to make a jacked up shot on the 6 ball. and he would miss this and leave a easy lay out for Dennis.
Hot seat match  Jeremy sossie  vs Dennis Daniels  the race would be 12-5 Jeremy would jump out to a 8 -0 then Dennis would win the next 2 games and that is as close as Jeremy would let him get he would win the match by the score of 12-2 and take his spot in the finals.
one the one lose side quarter finals i saw a great match Mike the fire ball Dechaine vs Joey Korsiac  the race would be 10-8
this was a neck and neck battle would gown down to the hill and Joey Korsiac would take the win.
next up for joey korsiac  would be local player Gareth steele  Joey wanted revenge because Steele put him in the one loss side.
this race is a 8-7 race Joey would come out with the first 4 games and Gareth would would win the next 4 games to tie the score at 4 games each. then it would go game for game for the next 2 racks and it would put Gareth on the hill and he would win the next game and take his shot at Dennis Daniels.
one loss side finals  Gareith steel vs Dennis Daniels this race would be 7-4 race  Dennis won the first 3 games putting him on the hill, Gareth would not die he would win the next 7 games and take his place in the finals with Jeremy.
The Finals a true Double elimination format
Gareth steele vs Jeremy sossie   11-8 race  this match was a one side match Gareth was showing signs of getting tired missing balls he would never miss. he would go down by the score of 11-5
I would like to thank all my sponsors if it wasn’t for them this tour would not be possible.
i would like to thank Wes, Jamie bond of Lucasi Hybrid cues,  mike Webb, tony zinzola, Paul frankel,mike howerton of azbilliards and gareith Steele of new england 9 ball .com

1st Jeramy sossei pro $2400 2nd Gareith steel A+ $1400 3rd Dennis Daniels B- $700 4th Joe Korsiac open $500 5/6 Mike Dechaine Pro, adam V C+ 300 each
7/8 Corey Tapley B, Rick Martarazzo B $200 each
9-12 Jason Adams B+ Mike Barbagallo B- Charlie Martarazzo C Ben Lablanc B- $150 each
13-16 Rich Minichello A- Shane Cote A- paul Tocci B+ Choneyi tenzin A- $ 100 each
congrats to everyone that played hope to see everyone at the BCD Finale on July 24th $ 1000 added Legends Billiards Portsmouth NH start time 1 pm for more info go to

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