9th Annual Bob & Marti Tracy Open 3-Cushion Billiard Tournament


The Tournament will be limited to the first 21 players who have sent their entry fee in to the Director or Chairman of the event. This Tournament is open to all players and below. The prize fund will be distributed into 3 separate pools: one for players, one for players and one for players. Each Pool will be determined by the number of players in that respective Pool. This is not a USBA Sanctioned tournament. MOBPA will donate $5000 to the prize fund. With a full field of 21 there will be a total prize pool of $6470 available.

Tournament Format: Depending on number of Players we intend to play 25 Point games with mixed flights. The top finisher from each flight/division will advance to Sunday round-robin Finals plus one wild-card player. Ties will be broken by Win/Loss, Total Points Scored, Head to Head, Defensive Billiards. All players in the finals will share the prize pool.

Players Meeting: Players at 0900 AM sharp Friday Dress code is casual but neat, no sleeveless shirts. Make Checks out to : Tom Thomsen
Mail your Entry Fees to : Tommy Thomsen




.600 – .799

.400 – .599 .399 & below

1416 Larson Creek Drive
Medford, OR 97504
Contact Tommy Thomsen at tombooks999@gmail.com or phone 1-509-240-2027

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