September 1, 2020

DIAMOND BILLIARD PRODUCTS INC. and ARAMITH have made a long-term agreement to bring ARAMITH billiard balls back as the exclusive ball for all of the Diamond Billiards affiliated events.

DIAMOND and Simonis Cloth have been collaborating on events and joint promotion of the sport for over three decades and now Aramith balls are back to complete the superior billiard playing experience!

“Simonis and Aramith are the types of precision billiard products that DIAMOND wants to offer to our players and buyers as they complement our craftmanship and detail of the DIAMOND tables.” Stated Chad Scharlow, president of Diamond Billiards, “We share the same long-term values and visions that will help to keep the sport strong and growing into the future.”

“I have worked with DIAMOND for many years and I have seen their commitment to the sport first-hand.”, said Ivan Lee, President of Iwan Simonis Inc. “Our shared passion for delivering unparalleled value and unbeatable performance to the players defines why we work so well together. I am pleased to have the ARAMITH balls back with DIAMOND so that the players can enjoy the premium performance of the complete product.”

ARAMITH Tournament Balls will be used at DIAMOND events including the revered Derby City Classic. These balls will be available to purchase with DIAMOND tables with other Aramith options available.


DIAMOND Billiard Products, located in Jeffersonville, Indiana is the manufacturer of Diamond Billiard Tables.


Iwan Simonis, Inc., located in Libertyville, Illinois is the North American subsidiary of Iwan Simonis S.A. of Belgium, maker of Simonis cloth and owner of Saluc S.A., manufacturer of ARAMITH billiard balls.

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