I am now accepting entry fees into the USBA Nationals.


$300 for qualifier participants and $500 for all others.

Paypal payments are $315 and $520.

Details are as follows:

2011 USBA National Championship and Regional Qualifiers

The USBA is proud to announce the 2011 National 3-Cushion Championship will be held Monday through Friday May 9-13, 2011 at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. This event will be occurring at the same time, same place and same floor as the ACS National Pool Championships, so there will be thousands of pool players in attendance.

Defending National Champion – Jae Hyung Cho
2010 Runner-up – Pedro Piedrabuena

Tropicana Las Vegas
3801 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Special hotel rates are not yet complete but will be posted when they become available.

The field will be limited to 42 players. Regional Qualifier tournaments are being organized now. Visit www.USBA.net and click “Tournaments-Calendar” on the left side menu. Or you can click this link: http://www.usba.net/event_calendar.asp for more information. Only U.S. Citizens and valid Green Card Holders can participate. Eligibility will be verified electronically at the event.

The top 4 finishers from 2010 are automatically given first priority, leaving 38 available spots.

These spots will be filled by winners of Regional Qualifiers first, and then will be made available to USBA Members in the following order of priority:

1) Members who have played in a Qualifier ($300.00 entry fee) on a first paid/first served basis.

2) Members who have played in a USBA Tournament in 2010 ($500.00 entry fee) on a first paid/first served basis.

3) All other members ($500.00 entry fee) on a first paid/first served basis.

All players who qualify through their Regional Qualifier will receive $200.00 expense money when they arrive to play at the National Championship Tournament.

Format based on 42 players: 6 groups of 7 players to 25 points. Top 3 from each group + 2 wild card 4th place finishers advance to the 2nd round. The 2nd round is 4 groups of 5 players to 30 points. The top 2 from each group + 2 wild card 3rd place finishers advance to finals. Finals will be a 10 player round robin to 35 points.

Entry fees are now being accepted and the deadline for us to receive entry fees is February 28, 2011. Send your payment right away because it is first paid, first served. All entry fees are 100% refundable up until the start of the tournament player’s meeting. PAYPAL payment fees are NOT refundable, only the amount of the actual entry fee is refundable. Payment will place your name on the waiting list. You will be notified shortly after March 1, 2011 on availability. The Players List and Waiting List will be available online as the list begins to populate.

All questions and entry fees should be sent to the USBA Secretary.
JimShovak@USBA.net or 516-238-6193

Payment options:
Fastest: You can pay by credit or debit card online by going to the USBA website (www.USBA.net) and clicking “Make A Donation” on the top right of the page. We will know that it is not a donation, but rather an entry fee for the Nationals. You will be paying through Paypal. You do NOT need to set up a Paypal account in order to make payment. That is optional.

The payment amount for Paypal payments will be $315.00 or $520.00 depending on the proper entry fee amount for each individual as described previously. The $15 or $20 Paypal fees are NOT refundable.

Payment by Mail:
All checks and money orders should be made out to “USBA”.

Mail payment to:
Jim Shovak/USBA Secretary
58 Hawthorne Avenue
East Islip, NY 11730

For room owners: USBA National Championship Regional Qualifiers

This is a formal announcement to all room owners and tournament directors regarding qualifiers for the USBA National Championship in May of 2011.

All qualifiers must be completed by February 28, 2011. If you desire to hold a qualifier, you will need to obtain permission/approval from the Secretary.
JimShovak@USBA.net or 516-238-6193

Benefits of holding a qualifier: If you wish to change your billiard table cloth, Simonis will provide the maximum discount. In addition, the USBA will reimburse you half the cost of the cloth, providing that there are 6 players for each table at the qualifier. In other words, if you have 6 players at the qualifier, the USBA will reimburse you half the cost of one cloth. If you have 12 players and at least 2 newly recovered tables, the USBA will reimburse you half the cost of 2 cloths. If you have 10 newly recovered tables and 60 players in the qualifier, you get half the cost of 10 cloths.

Only U.S. Citizens and valid Green Card Holders can participate.

Your Qualifier announcement will appear in Professor-Q-Ball publication provided that we receive your request by January 18, 2011. Announcement and results will also be on the USBA website. The USBA will send emails to everyone on its extensive email list for both the announcement and the results.

For complete information and guidelines on holding Regional Qualifiers
, go to www.USBA.net  and click “Running Tournaments and Regional Qualifiers” on the left side menu. Or you can click this link: http://www.usba.net/RunningRegQualifier.asp

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